Professor Yang O-bong Receives Morocco’s Minister’s Award
Professor Yang O-bong Receives Morocco’s Minister’s Award
  • 승인 2016.10.31 15:21
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Professor Yang O-bong in the Department of Chemical Engineering has received Morocco’s Energy Resource Environmental Minister’s award by contributing to Morocco’s solar energy policy and the successful advancement of a research laboratory in the International Solar Power Conference. In particular, Professor Yang contributed to Morocco’s research institute, called IRESEN (Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies), and their research ability enhancement by supporting high-tech silicon research equipment and by sending specialists for solar battery technology transfer to Morocco. Professor Yang said, “From this contribution, it is fruitful to build a cooperative system between Korea and Morocco and to make a commercialization result. Furthermore, to protect against global warming, we will give our knowledge on the solar power area and will enhance the international cooperation.”



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