CBNU GTEP Holds Export Conference
CBNU GTEP Holds Export Conference
  • 승인 2016.10.31 14:53
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On August 30, the CBNU Global Trade Experts Incubating Program (GTEP) invited 18 business buyers from Malaysia and held an export conference. This conference was held to support the export of small businesses in Jeonbuk and develop the skill of CBNU students who want to be trade specialists through communication with overseas buyers. In Jeonbuk, representatives from 16 businesses that produce health functional food, natural seasonings, cosmetics, and furniture participated. In particular, CBNU will authorize a Halal Mark for Jeonbuk businesses that will occur on buyers’ order after this conference through agreement with International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The director of GTEP, Kim Min-ho, said, “This conference was held to support expansion of small businesses’ export and produce CBNU students to be trade specialists. I will actively support all export services to solve trade problems of small businesses."




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