Travel to Be Yourself
Travel to Be Yourself
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“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This is a quote from my favorite movie, Forrest Gump. When I left to Latin America, I didn’t know I would encounter these wonderful moments. Through my journey, I met some of my favorite places, which are the world’s most astonishing points that I recommend to those who love nature. I would like to share my trip with you briefly.
Just to visit the Galapagos Islands, I went to Ecuador. Throughout my entire trip, the Galapagos was the best place. Even though the Korean government considers Ecuador as an unsafe country to travel, the Galapagos Islands were more than safe. It was peaceful there, with wonderful sunshine, and the shining beach was unbelievable. Sea lions and igua-nas were laying everywhere around the coast, and stray dogs were friendly to even a stranger. I swam with sea lions and tons of colorful fish. Until then, I had visited many oceans, but the color of the Galapagos was incomparable with any-where else. If I have a chance to go once again, I really want to go back there full of love.
More than I expected, many people were traveling Peru mostly to see Macchu Picchu. At first, I was astonished not only by Macchu Picchu, but also by the Andes Mountains. They rose straight up to sky, so high that you couldn’t see the top. Covered with rocks and stones, the mountains seemed strong and invincible. In the middle of these endless mountains, I felt how marvelous nature was. Around the moment I started to think what could hide in those stiff mountains, there ap-peared Macchu Picchu. There is no other word I can describe it with other than “mystery.” It was very delicate, but also with incredibly magnificent architecture. All the money and time that I had spent to see Macchu Picchu was worth it. I somehow felt jealous of Peruvians since they had this breathtaking precious place. Since Peru was such a big coun-try, they had deserts, beaches, mountains, and fields. It was very exotic for me because in Korea, the natural envi-ronments are almost the same.
Other than Ecuador and Peru, I also went to Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Those countries had their own attrac-tive places and cultures. Bolivia had the famous salt flat called Uyuni, Brazil had the longest beach in the world in Rio, Argentina had a wonderful glacier in the Patagonia area, and Chile had an active volcano in Pucon. The Latin America that I saw was just full of jaw-dropping nature. The most wonderful thing about traveling is that you can think about anything you want as deeply as you can. Staring in those speechless moments, you will be humble and be able to think about only that moment.
Since I was really conscious about my stuff, I made it home safely with priceless memories. If you want to visit any country in Latin America, I would say “Go for it.” But if you act lazy like you are at home, you will lose the chance to see all of them.


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