CBNU Ranks Best for Attracting International Students
CBNU Ranks Best for Attracting International Students
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Recently, CBNU was rated as the best university for attracting and managing international students among the domestic universities by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea. The Jeonbuk regional consortium trains professional manpower by educating students in Africa and the Southeast Asian region in its training institutes and inviting them to CBNU. Because of this assessment, CBNU will receive an additional 250 million won. With this money, CBNU will promote the programs for international students. CBNU President Lee Nam-ho said, “I think this result derived from cooperating with the Honam region consortium universities, institutions, and industries cooperating in harmony while developing various programs for the regional society.” Also, Yoon Myeong-sook, the director of this business said, “By making a connection with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), Jeonbuk Center or Jeollabuk-do International Exchange Center, Jeonbuk will develop the studying-abroad service.”


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