Having a Peak at the Future Car : - Green Cars & Self-Driving Tech
Having a Peak at the Future Car : - Green Cars & Self-Driving Tech
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Cars are everywhere, so they are normal objects in our lives. However, these normal objects appear on the news a lot these days. That is because of two things: green cars and self-driving cars. Green cars have become a hot potato because they are a good alternative to the current car for strict gas emission policies and pollution. Self-driving cars appeared in the mainstream news because there was a fatal crash while the car was “self-driving.” However the biggest reason for the spotlight on these technologies is that companies invest generously in them. So, let’s learn why they are doing this!

The Best Solution For The Non-Polluting Car: Green Cars

Before talking about Green Cars, the definition should be known. “Green cars” mean environmentally-friendly vehicles which have a small impact on the surrounding environment because they produce less or no emissions. When talking about green cars, most of the time one means Electric Vehicles (EV) like hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and battery electric vehicles. However, that is not the whole collection. There are also compressed-air vehicles, hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and clean diesel vehicles.
Currently, almost all car companies are participating in green car production. For example, Tesla Motors skyrocketed due to its electric cars and BMW made an electric sports car, the I8. Even Hyundai and KIA sell such cars. The interest in green cars got even higher after the famous Volkswagen Diesel-Gate because the public wanted environmentally-friendly cars.
Almost everything is good about the green car, so why isn’t every car on the road a green car? That’s because of its price and reliability. Seeing the price of green cars, they are very expensive! Car companies say that money can be saved on fuel because of the technology, but if calculated, the vehicle has to be used for at least five years! Also, because it isn’t mass produced as a current car, the parts of the vehicle are expensive to replace. Talking about reliability, the battery technology isn’t that advanced right now to use in a car, so there is a limit on the distance to drive and there aren’t that many electric charging points at the current time.

No Need To Worry About Driving Anymore, Self-Driving Tech

Self-Driving Cars, also called autonomous cars, are cars that drive themselves using technology like GPS, radar, and computer vision at the command of the driver. Experiments with self-driving cars started in the 1920s, and companies started making prototypes in the 1980s. Right now, a lot of car companies and even IT companies have developed self-driving cars and are applying for official tests to make the cars road-legal.
Looking at the current car models, they have a “kind of” self-driving tech. You can park the car with the touch of a button and the car can drive by itself on the highway with cruise control, line assist tech, and radar. Even this is surprising and interesting, but the tech is only the tip of the iceberg, and the full self-driving car is yet to be seen.
However, a very important question will come up in your mind sooner or later: “Is it safe?” The answer is yes and no. The computer has a smaller chance to make a mistake than a human being and can react to complex situations in a second. In this way, it is really safe in normal situations, but there is the possibility of hacking. If the car is hacked, the safety of the car is unknown because the hacker can do whatever he wants with the car. For this problem, a Benz spokesperson gave a splendid answer. ”There is only a really small chance that the vehicle will malfunction by itself, so we don’t have to worry about the vehicle itself, but we have to worry about hacking. So, to make a safe self-driving car, we have to invest and do more research on making better security solutions.” Even with these problems, lots of polls show that teenagers are willing to ride in a self-driving car in the future.

Both the technologies above sound technology and look like they come from the far future, but actually, they are ready to be released into the market. The reason for the fast development of the technology is because of the huge investments from companies. The companies know that this tech will be profitable in the upcoming future market. So be sure to see how this technology develops because the perfect car is yet to be seen and there is a high chance that you will use it in the near future!

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