Dribble + Pass + Shoot = Soccer!
Dribble + Pass + Shoot = Soccer!
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Among many sports in the world, soccer is considered one of the best to people. Do you like soccer? Which team do you like? Why do people fall in love with soccer? Maybe there are many reasons why soccer attracts a fan’s mind. Let’s talk about interesting features of soccer. Start!

Big Five and Big Star
There are many national leagues in Europe, the Americas, , and Asia. Among them, there are five global and famous leagues in Europe.

-Bundesliga (BBA)
Germany’s soccer league called Bundesliga holds the reputable Bayern Munich club. The best players of Bayern Munich are their striker, Thomas Müller, and goal keeper, Neuer. In addition, Bayern Munich players are mostly the same as the members of the German national team.

-Spain Primera Liga(LEF)
Spain’s soccer league, Primera Liga, is famous for Barcelona and Real Madrid. As everyone knows, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are in this league. They set amazing world records every match. Also, there is no doubt that they are the best players in the world.


-Italy SERIE A
Italy’s soccer league is Serie A. In the past, there were many bad circumstances such as match-fixing and conflicts between the audiences in Serie A, but it remains a popular league in the world.

-Italy SERIE A
Italy’s soccer league is Serie A. In the past, there were many bad circumstances such as match-fixing and conflicts between the audiences in Serie A, but it remains a popular league in the world.

-France Ligue Un (LIGUE 1)
The French soccer league is Ligue Un. Actually, Ligue Un is not popular compared to the other leagues. Nevertheless, it is also one of the big five leagues. It has had many competent soccer stars like Zinedine Zidane.

 Victory and Defeat Starts at the Second Half
As the saying goes “the ball is round,” no one knows the result of the soccer match until the game is over. For that reason, a soccer game sometimes shows miracle moments to soccer fans.  

-Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United
There was a miracle play at Nou Camp in 1999. In UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League, the final match was Bayern Munich versus Manchester United. Bayern Munich was winning the match until it was almost over. However, the dramatic goal of Solskjaer of Manchester United was scored in the last minute, and, in the end, Manchester United got its Champions League trophy.

- AC Milan vs. Liverpool
This match also happened for the final match between AC Milan vs. Liverpool in the 2005 UEFA Champions League. First, AC Milan scored three goals in the first half. Liverpool fans were very angry and moved away from the stadium at that time. However, Liverpool also scored a dramatic three goals in the second half. The two teams did a penalty shootout, and it was nip and tuck. The goal keeper of Liverpool blocked the final shot of AC Milan. In the end, Captain Steven Gerrard of Liverpool could raise the precious trophy. 

 -AC Milan vs. Deportivo

In 2004, AC Milan versus Deportivo’s first match ended in a victory for AC Milan. At first, there was a gap of three points. Everyone thought it would be a perfect victory for AC Milan and AC Milan would get through to the semifinal. However, an incredible play occurred on the Riasoreu ground. In the second match, Deportivo won four-nothing! The end result was a victory for Deportivo. Can you believe this miraculous match?

Champions League: Interesting News with Bad News

The UEFA Champions League is the biggest stage because the best teams of the countries’ leagues play the games. Do you know which team has lifted the most trophies in the Champions League? Right! Real Madrid, a team of Primera Liga, has the most Champions League trophies. Real Madrid possesses the tenth ‘Big Year,’ the Champions League trophy for 2014-2015 season wins. To celebrate this, Spaniards called it ‘La Décima,’ which means “the tenth” in Spanish. In addition, Real Madrid also achieved the title ‘La Undécima,’ which means “the eleventh,” in the 2015-2016 season. However, bad news also exists in this soccer league. While playing soccer, there is a lot of wrong behavior such as intentional tackles, racial discrimination, laser beams, and match-fixing. These problems present risks to soccer players and spectators. Therefore, we must have etiquette when we watch soccer games.

 CBNU and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors are Friends

CBNU also pays attention to local sports culture like K-league home team matches. Do you know “CBNU DAY”? CBNU Day involves Jeonbuk Hyundai and CBNU mutually cooperating to make our local sports culture close to our students. First, CBNU buys season tickets and cheers for trophies of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors on CBNU Day. In addition, CBNU promotes home games by making supporters and inviting students and faculty to have signing events through bulletin boards and PDP. Also, CBNU President Lee Nam-ho is an honorary ambassador for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. CBNU Day has become a festival for cheering on Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors during the first inning of a home game. Through this event, CBNU vitalizes local sports culture and wellness.

Men and women of all ages like soccer or even love soccer. Of course, it is a good thing to enjoy and love soccer. However, excessive rivalry and reckless challenging can ruin the game’s real purpose. A competition in good faith lets everyone enjoy together and encourages sportsmanship. Let’s keep etiquette while we love soccer.

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