CBNU Selected for Wood Culture Activation Project
CBNU Selected for Wood Culture Activation Project
  • 승인 2016.07.01 15:17
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CBNU has been selected for a Wood Culture Activation Project which is supported by the Forest Service and organized

by the Korea Association of Wood Culture for two consecutive years. Therefore, CBNU will carry out various educational projects related with wood building. Accordingly, Professor Kim Gwang-chul’s team in the College of Human Ecology, who lead this project, plan to carry out carpentry experience training for elementary and secondary teachers in Jeonbuk province for seven months. This will show the status of CBNU, which is widely positioned as a mecca for the domestic wood-building field. Moreover, it is expected to contribute to promoting low-carbon green growth. Professor Kim Gwang-chul said, “We will show the excellence of timber, which represents environmentally friendly material, through this education. We checked for a sufficient amount of demand from teachers, so we will be able to provide more chances next year.”

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