CBNU Selected as K-MOOC
CBNU Selected as K-MOOC
  • 승인 2016.07.01 15:16
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On May 2nd, the Ministry of Education and the National Institute for Lifelong Education announced CBNU as the only K-MOOC university in the Honam area. K-MOOC, which stands for Korean Massive Open Online Course, allows

everyone to take famous lectures of universities through online lecture. CBNU will continue to develop content with the support of the Ministry of Education for three years. CBNU plans to develop lectures about pansori and han-ok by taking advantage of our regional characteristics. CBNU President Lee Nam-ho said, “This project activates lifelong education and credit exchange among universities by sharing lectures with the public. It is expected to lead to significant changes in the future of university education. We will do our best to develop the courses to show the excellence of our local culture and beauty.”

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