Professor Kim Cheol-sang Creates Nano Membrane
Professor Kim Cheol-sang Creates Nano Membrane
  • 승인 2016.07.01 15:15
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Professor Kim Cheol-sang in the Department of Mechanical Design Engineering developed a “Nano Membrane” which

makes the membrane transparent or opaque with just one process. His team conducted in-vitro experiments and found that cellular multiplication was working actively in the Nano Membrane. Through the membrane, damaged nerves can be recovered and reconnected promptly. The team overcame limitations of the earlier hardships. They also achieved recognition for excellency which occurred with the results being published in Scientific Reports which is a global journal. Now, the team is working toward the mass production of the membrane. Professor Kim said, “Through the Nano Membrane, users can make a membrane as needed, and many people will use it. It is expected that the membrane can be commercialized through a mass production system.”

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