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Do Not Be Afraid to Face Challenge!
- Song Youn-bang, A Student Bodybuilder
2016년 07월 01일 (금) 13:58:22 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Are you interested in building up your body this summer? Then focus on this interview. We interviewed a bodybuilder, Song Youn-bang in the Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering, who represents Jeollabuk-do. He won second place in Mr. Jeonbuk and the National Sports Festival Contest in 2013 and 2014, finally winning first place in 2015. Let’s take a close look at his life story and tips to sculpt a nice body!

1. What was the purpose of becoming a bodybuilder?
Since I was young, I have gone to martial arts academies after school as a hobby. I enjoyed doing the exercises, and
my hobby became my job. From time to time, I participated in many competitions, including the National Sports Festival, and got some medals. I collected these medals and brought them to my father to express my hope for doing some kind of exercise as a job. However, my dad gave a flat-out refusal, and I just went to the Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering at CBNU. After spending meaningless time on freshman year, I joined the army to serve my military service. During that time, I read a lot of books about exercising and summarized the books when I had free time. I really wanted to do exercise and regarded doing exercise as a job seriously. After military service, I entered the biggest fitness club in Jeonju and I got a chance to be an exercising partner with a world champion. I prepared for my dream of being a bodybuilder with him.

2. What was the biggest difficulty in becoming a bodybuilder and how did you overcome the difficulty?
The biggest difficulty before becoming a bodybuilder was the rejection from my dad. However, I really wanted to be a bodybuilder even though it gave me pain. The pain encouraged me to do more exercise. After becoming a bodybuilder, I had a hard time with managing diet and with being alone, because doing exercise is a battle with oneself. When I faced difficulties, I felt happy when I thought about my special people. I liked and wanted to share the weight of my difficulties by doing exercise with them, and it made me happy. That’s how I overcame the difficulties.

3. Why did you write a book, and what were its contents?
During my free time in the army, I read hundreds of books and
magazines about exercise, and, therefore, I could analyze that they were so commercial, but not helpful. These days, books about exercise are just provocative and commercial. Therefore, I wrote exact information about exercise without any commercial things in my book. Also my book is about the strategies for how we can build a strong body, basically. Due to the unfavorable education of my youth, I wanted to help people who were in bad circumstances. I am currently helping people in a direct way by giving my knowledge through the book and indirectly donating the earnings from the sales of the book.
4. Do you have any special tips to sculpt a nice body?
During my school year, I made an effort to live regularly and to exercise steadily. I will tell you five tips to make a nice body. First, drink lots of wáter: specifically, drink your weight multiplied by at least 30 ml of water. Second, eat breakfast. Third, eat several small meals throughout the day. Fourth, the most important thing is to exercise at least ten minutes every day regularly. Fifth, if you do not have enough time, do effective exercise in which muscles can be used such as squats, dead lifts, chin-ups and push-ups.

5. Please advise CBNU students about dreams.
When you challenge yourself to something, you do not have to throw everything out because it depends on your passion. Make your hobby into a challenge. I did not throw out my status as an engineering student when I prepared to be a bodybuilder. For me, exercise is also a booster to go forward toward my goals. People often think that I only do exercise; however, I obtained a lot of certificates, not only our department’s required certificates but also recreational certificates which I was interested in. To sum up, challenge is just doing it. Find something that you can do and act. Then the dream will follow naturally. However, when you have a dream, you must prepare for the pain because a dream is not just what you want to do. To realize this you should face the challenge whether it is a dream or not.

He had a hard time when he had to give up his dream, but he had a passion for exercise and finally became a bodybuilder. Also, he always challenged himself to do his favorite activities and loved to share with others. He said his final dream is to live a life for others regardless of his job. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself like him. Just do it!

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