Look Inside the Campus!
Look Inside the Campus!
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- An Interview with the Director of Keun Saram Educational Development Institute

Keun Saram Educational Development Institute (KEDI) is running a variety of institutions and programs for improving students’ academic abilities. To get some more information about KEDI, We interviewed Ma In-sook, the director of KEDI.

1. Can you briefly introduce Keun Saram Educational Development Institute?

First of all, Keun Saram Educational Development Institute is a reorganization of the Basic Liberal Arts Educational Institute to train talented students with six core competencies. KEDI consists of five departments to aim at support of improving students’ academic ability. The Liberal Arts Educational Center is responsible for businesses such as liberal arts education curriculum management, education management system, and education authentication to improve the basic liberal arts capacity. The Center for Teaching & Learning is to run various programs for improving instructional competency and supporting E-Learning through the LMS system. The RC (Residential College) Educational Center selects RC students and develops new RC-based curriculum. The Personality & Etiquette Education Center runs programs for strengthening student’s personalities and communication skills. Lastly, the Curriculum Development, Assessment & Management Center is conducting liberal arts curriculum development and assessment through educational analysis.

2. We heard there are many helpful programs for students in KEDI. Do you have any most recommended programs among them?
There are many programs in KEDI. Surely all programs are helpful for our students. However, a program that I recommend is “Bookworm Raising.” Students participating in this program read common books and discuss their thoughts about the books. Through this process, Students can broaden their views while sharing their ideas about the books. The main purpose of this program is for students to create new ideas and develop their creativity beyond their major knowledge.

3. What do you think the school and students should do to achieve students’ academic ability?
In my case, I majored in mathematics. Mathematics, which is the basis of all academic subjects, is important in learning applied science such as engineering science. In other words, I think to strengthen the basic subjects such as mathematics can improve students' academic ability. So, CBNU runs the ACE business for developing student’s basic learning ability while teaching basic subjects like Basic Mathematics, Basic Physics and Basic Chemistry. I hope many students can get to know this program and use the program effectively.

4. Do you have any memorable experience from working in KEDI?
We are running a basic educational program for freshman before college admission. At first, many freshmen were listening to this program by the force of their parents. However, over time, their attitudes changed actively and positively. Also, I could see students’ enthusiasm for studying. So I felt proud to see students’ positivity changing.

5. I think there are many students who do not yet know much about the E-Learning Center. Can you explain to students how to utilize the E-Learning Center and its purpose?
The E-Learning Center operates a Learning Management System for systematic learning management and distributes teaching materials and handles homework management. It also supports various student activities like video making, presentation training, and competition. In addition, it helps students serving in military service to get credits through cyber lectures.

6. In your opinion, what is “Liberal Arts”?
Liberal Arts courses operated by the curriculum for basic literacy foster a correct outlook on life forms and creativity for academic inquiry. I think the Liberal Arts courses are mandatory subjects for carrying out major subjects well and improving moral qualities in fostering democratic citizenship.

7. Can you tell us about the 2016 plan of KEDI?
KEDI will operate the curriculum to improve basic competencies of students, a basic academic enhancement program for freshman, and basic scholastic ability certification. In addition, to equip a certain level or more of writing skills, a variety of writing programs and W/D (Writing/Discussion) lectures will be operating. Also, we nurture the Keun Saram (Grand person) with six core competencies through various programs. We will continuously do our best to improve the basic learning ability of students and teaching and learning ability with the five centers in 2016.

As you can see, KEDI works as one of the important institutions at CBNU. KEDI develops various Liberal Arts curricula to raise students’ practical insight, creativity, and active response toward social change. Why don't you try to achieve your goal with KEDI programs?

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