Thoughts on Being Lazy
Thoughts on Being Lazy
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One of the most basic struggles for humans from the beginning of the world has probably been “laziness.” It happens to almost every one at almost every age. Maybe that is why some people argue that being lazy is human nature. However, the general view toward laziness is often negative, which is why they say such behavior should be changed and should not happen. I myself also have a problem with being diligent. With the freedom I can get from being a university student, I exploit it every bit. On the other hand, I recently read a book called Harvard’s 4:30 A.M. by Wei Xiuying. As you might have guessed from the title of the book, it tells a lot about the good habits to succeed in life. The one thing that the book stresses is about time management and being diligent by avoiding laziness. It suggests a few tips to prevent one from being lazy. The first one is thinking, “What if today is the end of the world?” We simply must not waste our time if today is the end of the world. The second is about having a life goal. If one has a dream that one is willing to challenge, there is no time to lose but to work on it right now. The last one is not to put off work for tomorrow. However, the foremost thing that should come in front of everything is the will to change. The will to take action vigorously and think every day is a wonderful gift. Without it, there is neither action nor thinking about life’s goal. Everyone has a chance once in a life time. It is up to them to take the chance and make progress through self-development. The worst thing about being lazy is that it is hard to fix it. Being lazy is kind of a drug that is easy to get addicted to. Even though we feel guilty about being lazy, we do not change anything. I found a quote by Anne Frank which expresses my thinking so well: “Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.” When we are lazy, we feel guilty and powerless. However, being inspired through meaningful work and study is much more valuable in life. Despite the fact that it is hard to keep our own nature of laziness from interfering with our lives, we must keep our faith in strong will power and active effort.

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