CBNU LINC Holds Presentation about Capstone Design
CBNU LINC Holds Presentation about Capstone Design
  • 승인 2016.05.03 12:47
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CBNU LINC (Leaders in Industry University Cooperation) held a presentation related to Capstone Design to draw the attention of students toward creative engineering design. LINC introduced action-learning, special lectures, and practical education in the presentation. They also informed students about an auction in which companies buy students’ ideas. Moreover, they announced that they will hold a competition about Capstone Design in which various majors of students can participate. LINC also plans to display creative engineering design work in the Capstone Design. Seol Kyeong-won, the Dean of LINC, said, “CBNU will operate a Capstone Design project by developing prototypes based on novel ideas of students. We will also try to make all students, companies, and universities develop together.” 

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