CBNU Selected for CORE
CBNU Selected for CORE
  • 승인 2016.05.03 12:47
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CBNU has been selected for an initiative by College of humanities’ Research and Education (CORE), which is supported from the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea. CORE aims to promote the development of humanities education like humanistic convergence in university. CBNU plans to reorganize the College of Humanities and to set up an information center for broad local research and education in the humanities. At the same time, CBNU will establish a Department of Humanistic Convergence concerned with tangible and intangible cultural properties, multimedia humanities and other various convergence majors based on the humanities. CBNU President Lee Nam-ho said, “CBNU has the best humanistic research center and leads the local promotion of humanities. I will make a prime convergence education strategy and stimulate the development of humanities.”

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