"Global talent" now with a foreign friend
"Global talent" now with a foreign friend
  • Lee Ho-Jin, Senior, Environme
  • 승인 2009.09.22 16:27
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It is easy to meet foreign friends whose languages and cultures are different from us in Chonbuk National University. However, to get along with them is difficult.
Then, how can we keep in touch with them? Chonbuk National University recruits applicants each semester for IBP(International Buddy Program), helpers to international exchange students for educating them on the Korean language. Through a 1:1 matching program, we can have the advantage of a natural meeting. The exchange students in campus have a lot of passion for learning Korean and they have a lot of interest in Korean culture. Through this meeting, I could broaden my sight even though I have grown only in Korea. Moreover, I had a chance to learn their languages while I met Chinese and Mongolian friends for over one year. It gave me the motivation to have a more open mind.
Then, what are some episodes which foreign students have because of different culture gaps? Sometimes foreign students say crude words when they are talking with people who are older than them. Also, it often happens that they misunderstand each other because of wrong pronunciation in public places. For example, "Did you eat?" is sounded "chi fan le ma?(吃饭了吗?)" in Chinese. When Korean people hear this, they misunderstand it as a Korean abusive word. In this case, they are embarrassed by the absurd faces. Foreign students also find some inconveniences that they feel in their lives in Korea. For example, taxi drivers don't give the right change, thinking foreign students don’t understand the price of money.
But, they have good experiences: somebody tells them things they don't know with general manners or a bus driver explains to them at which bus stop they should get off. The students told me they were touched in these cases.
Li Yinglan, a Chonbuk National University Graduate student in the Department of Trade and Chinese student, said, "I could learn Korean culture with a Korean student, and I think Korea is a very important place to me because my Korean friends kindly advised me when I had a problem.”
This picture was taken when I went to Itaewon not long ago. It is an international part of Seoul and tourists always want to visit there when they come to Korea. I can see all kinds of people on the streets and at the same time have the same feeling with foreigners and experience each other's cultures and histories. Furthermore, it can also be a chance to boost your confidence in using the English language. When one can have the opportunity to talk with foreigners, fear about the English language will be eliminated.
In addition, I want to give you advice that you had better have language training, because what you studied is different from what is spoken here. I am getting ready to become an exchange student next term. As an exchange student, I will be allowed to transfer credits and learn various cultures. Most students, when they are in a foreign country, always use their native language, so their English ability can't be improved. Students will have different English strengths according to their will. You had better talk with foreigners using what you studied every day. If you do that, your speaking ability will be improved and you can also review at the same time.
I'm the education director of Global Challenger, which is an English writing and conversation club, and I would like to be a global talent at Chonbuk National University. During the time I took as an honorary ambassador for Franklin Planner, I learned that time management is important. Through this, I really expect how the plan of my second goal, time management for English, is going to be.

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