The Power of Writing
The Power of Writing
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From my years in the university, the one thing that I keep acknowledging is the importance of writing. It is not because I am an editor, but because I know to deliver one’s message clearly through written words is a crucial ability to live in our modern society. For instance, in universities, one of the most frequent assignments that professors give out to the students is writing papers. Also, when we want to apply for a job, the first thing we have to do is writing a self-introduction. In a situation when a person can’t directly talk to another person, we send a text message about the concerned matter. As we can see, writing is inseparably connected to our lives. These kinds of situations made me think, “What is the essence of writing?”
There are various definitions of writing in the world. Personally, I think of writing as a tool that actualizes one’s idea. To be more descriptive, every individual has his or her own ideas or thoughts, like a ball of yarn that is twisted, tangled, and disorderly mixed. It is writing that imposes order from the chaos of our minds. This demonstrates why many people say that writing helps to relieve mental stress and disorders and why it is said to be a therapy of some sort. Moreover, you can experience peculiar pleasure when you clear things out in written words from just an idea. Reading what you have written makes you understand the ideas better than when you just have them in your mind. Again, when those writings become a complete text, it bursts out its power like waves rising up. Whether it is an essay or a story, it has its own special way that touches the readers. If it is a novel, it gives the readers a sentiment which can’t be easily felt in everyday life. If it is nonfiction writing like a column from a newspaper, it gives a new view to the readers that they never had thought of before.
Writing something is a common act that has been done since ancient times. It is a culture that has made the human civilization survive until now. It is a tool to make imaginations become reality and also to share our values with each other. Academically or practically in daily life, we experience many types of writing. Though most of the times we are dull and watch TV or surf through YouTube, paper books and pencils will nevertheless survive throughout the changing generations. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Writing, the art of communicating thoughts to the mind through the eye, is the great invention of the world ... enabling us to converse with the dead, the absent, and the unborn, at all distances of time and space.”

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