Look Inside the Campus!
Look Inside the Campus!
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An Interview with the Dean of Student Affairs and Career Support

The Bureau of Student Affairs and Career Support is not only planning a variety of programs for student’s welfare and enjoyable campus life but also encouraging students to seek jobs. To get some more information about the Bureau of Student Affairs and Career Support, I had interview with Kim Sung-zoo, the Dean of Student Affairs and Career Support.

1. Can you briefly introduce this Bureau?
First of all, Student Affairs is responsible for supporting students’ club activities, scholarship work, welfare and domestic and foreign volunteer activities, except what is related to classes. Also, we support overall autonomous

student activities such as student council and club associations. Career Support is divided into three departments with the aim of supporting students’ employment. These three departments consist of the career counseling team, employment support team, and female college student career development center. The career counseling team is helping lower grade students to search for their aptitude and careers through counseling and running career camps. The employment support team is supporting overall job-seeking activities like helping students to make clubs about employment, acquire certificates related to desired jobs, and take international internship courses. The female college student career development center is helping female college students to develop their talents efficiently through connecting to female professors.

2. Do you have any memorable memory while working in the Bureau of Student Affairs and Career Support?
Last summer and this January, I went to Mongolia and Nepal with the vice president to encourage the overseas volunteer team. I saw many students reflecting on their past lives there while volunteering hard. Moreover, they realized the important idea of living and sharing together. While talking with the students about what they felt in volunteer activities, I also felt proud seeing changes in the students. I think the most memorable and meaningful thing in my mind is to see students’ positive change through school activities.

3. I heard there are many programs running from Student Affairs and Career Support to develop students’ skills. Is there any program you recommend to students?
This university has its “Grand Person Project.” This project has been specialized enough for other schools to emulate it. The Grand Person Project’s score is determined by points associated with various activities in school, off-campus, and at residential colleges. Just like obtaining a belt in taekwondo, the belt color changes as students get more scores. I hope more and more students participate in this project to build their careers and have meaningful college lives.

4. What is the plan for the Bureau of Student Affairs and Career Support in 2016?
As you know, our school has various agencies to support student’s activities. In the past, agencies only managed their own projects independently. However, now we plan to make a system which can integrate each agency’s projects into one project. This is an integrated career system. We also named the integrated career system “New Silk Road.” Unlike the past, when only grade transcripts assessed our students, from now on New Silk Road will be a new indicator to assess students. If New Silk Road is established as our new system well, it will come to be a new innovation in university education.

5. Do you have any advice for CBNU students?
In contrast with the past, which put an emphasis on specifications, these days society stresses the importance of having one’s own story. Surely it is an important factor that students are well-acquainted with their majors. However, the more important factor is that students have their own stories. I think students have to join programs like New Silk Road actively and prepare specifications related to desired jobs to make their own stories. In other words, it is necessary to be differentiated from other people. Finally, there are three A’s I have emphasized to our students. “Three A’s” means appearance, ability and attitude. I think that at least these three things should be achieved in living life. Adding one more A, we have adventure. As our school‘s slogan is “The University Nurtures Adventurous Students Rather than Model Students”, I hope that our students have confidence without fear of adventure and carve out their lives actively.

Did you learn more about the Bureau of the Student Affairs and Career Support? To achieve a successful and rewarding college life, let’s participate in the activities of this Bureau as CBNU students.

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