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Gamers Do Not Die: They Respawn
2016년 05월 03일 (화) 12:29:33 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Lately, many TV commercials publicize mobile game apps a lot. The rising popularity of the game industry is more than anyone could have imagined. According to PwC in 2013, the sales of the world game market increased 7.1% more than those of 2012, 65 billion dollars. In this regard, the game market is one of the most promising industry fields. In this section, we are going to talk more about games as e-sports and the rapidly growing industry.

● Welcome to the World of Games
1. The Law of Games
There are four major features of games that apply to all of the games in the world. They are goals, rules, feedback and voluntary participation. First of all, the goal is what the player has to achieve in the game. Without it, there would be no motivation. Secondly, the rules provoke the player not to achieve the goal easily by making a restriction. Feedback shows how much the player has earned and achieved the goal. For example, in any games, they show the scores or the level the player is at. Lastly, voluntary participation is a code that all of the players accept before they start the game. It is their free will to start and end the game. Therefore, these features keep with the gamers as they proceed.
2. What do we earn by playing a game?
There can be all different reasons why people play games. In most cases, we expect some kind of reward by playing games. Also, through these rewards we can improve the quality of life. To be specific, every human craves doing a fulfilling job in their lives. In games, if a player works hard, the reward or result can be checked immediately. In addition, people want to be connected with others. In a game, there are plenty of chances to be socially intimate with other gamers. Lastly, the thought of doing something meaningful can be another reward. On the way to the quest, numerous ups and downs exist in a game world. However, the mission that the player has to achieve makes it possible to advance forward. These kinds of rewards that follow just by playing a game are one of the reasons why so many users cannot give up on games.

● Quest: Grasp The Hint of the Game Industry
- Present & Future of the Game Industry
As mentioned above, the game industry is growing rapidly, not only in Korea but also in the whole world. One of the reasons for the growth of the game market is the development of diverse platforms that can be used to enjoy different types of games. For instance, according to research by The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the platform that showed the most increased economic growth rate was mobile. It showed more than 30% in growth. Other platforms like video games with consoles and arcades showed decreasing rates.
- Game and Content Industry
Nowadays, many people acknowledge the importance of content industry. These industries can also collaborate to make a better quality of product or to satisfy the users’ needs. For example, the movie industry collaborates with the game industry frequently. In a movie called The Usual Suspects, the way with which the producer solved the problems is borrowed from the technique of game scenario. In addition, the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was originally a game. This was a case in which a movie became a hit after adapting it from a game. Moreover, by playing the role of the main character, Lara Croft, in the movie, the actress Angelina Jolie rose to further stardom.

● What Is the Condition in Korea?
After the appearance of the world’s first game from the U.S in 1961, video game rooms were opened in Korea for the first time in 1972. At that time, most of the games were shooting games. Since then, video game rooms have diffused nationwide with various types of games. However, in the 1990s, computer games came into wide use, like The Kingdom of the Winds and Aimpoint. From then on, many diverse types of games were introduced up until now, when we are playing mobile game apps.

Then, what kind of factors were behind the development of games in Korea? One of the most striking factors was the internet café business. In Korea, internet cafés were popularized especially among people of young ages. The heyday of internet cafés began in the 2000s, when online games started to gain popularity. In research by KOCCA, 24.1% of the total number of people who participated in the survey answered that they went to internet cafes once a week. Another reason for the sudden development of games in Korea was the appearance of professional gamers. After the boom of internet cafes, the game that everybody loved to play was Starcraft. In 2001, pro-gamers and a pro game league developed. This gave rise to the number of people who started to play Starcraft.

Since the mobile game market boomed, the growth rate of the game industry has been shrinking. This is because of the absence of a growth engine. To change the current market flow, a new platform or innovative paradigm of game model or service is needed to get the users’ attention. Recently, many companies are stressing research and development in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. Through VR and AR technology, a state of the art game environment can be opened to the public and game users. This is the most promising field of the game industry. Definitely, games have a big impact on the real world where we live. Gaming is not only a subculture that the minority enjoys but a tool that can be used to make mankind more developed and civilized.

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