Make Your Tea Time Special
Make Your Tea Time Special
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Have you heard of an unusual cafe? If you are tired of cafes for just drinking tea, why don’t you visit an unusual cafe? This unusual cafe is a place where you can drink tea and gain precious memories with friends and loved ones through various activities. If you try this once, you can’t help but return again.

● Tracing the Origins of Cafes
Since the appearance of cafes in our country, they have changed from dabangs (tea houses), which serve instant coffee and ssanghwacha(black herbal tea) to contemporary cafes which roast coffee beans in person. Now, out of this change, cafes have been developed in new forms. They not only offer a variety of drinks and desserts but also provide activities and appeal to customers using unique and innovative ideas.

● What Kinds of Unusual Cafes Are There?
There are countless varieties of unusual cafes. First, there are cafes which have many things to see. These cafes exhibit artworks such as photos, paintings, and crafts made of paper. You can try to make your own crafts in some cafes. Second, if you like animals, there are many animal cafes for you. Cat cafes and dog cafes are the most common. Moreover, uncommon animal cafes like raccoon cafes and reptile cafes are appearing nowadays. Some cafes allow you to bring your own pet. Third, if you are worried about something, visit cafes which offer special tests. Some cafes offer psychological tests or tarot card readings. Lastly, there are cafes where you can join in something more active. You can use your brain for doing a puzzle, escaping from a room, playing with Lego bricks, and so on. Some cafes offer dressing table with a large mirror to give you a chance to try out some natural cosmetic products, too. In these ways, unique cafes that gratify your senses are appearing nowadays. If you are interested in an unusual cafe, visit there with your friends or loved ones.

● Unusual Cafes near CBNU
1. Cartoon Cafe - 'N' Cafe
Once you enter here, you will feel like you are in the forest becaus

e the cafe interior is wooden. In addition, you can find a personal cave room without the interruption of other people. There are a shoe rack and lockers to store personal stuff. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your stuff. In the cartoon cafe, you can enjoy reading various cartoons and drinking coffee and other beverages. In particular, this cafe also serves meals. The meals’ quality is very good for the price. This cafe runs 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.

2. Animal Cafe - 'C' Cafe
The striking point of this cafe is to spend a good time with friends
and cute cats drinking delicious drinks. Once you see the cute cats that welcome guests sitting on various sculptures and sofas, you will be fascinated by the cats’ attraction. This cafe is not operated on Monday and usually opens at 10 o’clock. If you pay the entrance fee, you can play with the cats and receive a free beverage.

3. Escape Cafe - 'C' Cafe
You should resolve a mission and escape a room here. There are four themes, and each one has an exciting story and mission. You should use your brain to escape the room in one hour. This cafe operates on a reservation system, so you can make reservation on the internet or by telephone. They offer an event to discount for the first guest every day. Most of all, all information about the mission and clues are secret, so you cannot bring your phone, camera, or writing supplies.

4. Indian Style Cafe - 'A' Cafe
The name of this cafe means 'rest' in Hindi. When you go down
the stairs and open the door, you can see the Indian interior decorations. They provide a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. One special thing is that you should take off your shoes here. You should sit on the floor with soft cushions. They serve coffee, tea, cocktails, and even Indian traditional tea. The cafe opens at 5 p.m. since it sells alcoholic drinks. If you are looking for a cafe which has an exotic atmosphere, visit here and have a good time.

Drinking tea with a person you like is always enjoyable. However, if you want to make a more wonderful memory with your loved one, why don't you meet them at an unusual cafe next time? Make your tea time special.

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