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May is...
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"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." These are the words of Doug Larson. You may feel like whistling because of the people who love you, romantic blossoms, or hot festivals in May. In this way, May is a lovely, beautiful, and passionate month. Here is some information for you to spend a more meaningful time in May.

● What Do You Think of May?
We surveyed CBNU students about May. About 200 students answered this survey. Let's see what the students think about May through this graph and some witty answers!

- When you think of May, what comes to your mind first?







- Witty Answers about 'May is .'
① May is LTE.
② May is romance.
③ May is the end of mid-term exams, so I will have a lot of fun!
④ May is a time to get a lot of homework.
⑤ May is in full bloom, like me.

● May Is Love
Parent’s Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day are in May. What do these days have in common? The answer is love. Maybe you have been loved by friends, teachers, and parents. Why don't you say thank you to people who give love? There are many dates to express appreciation in this month, so let us explain those dates for you!

1. We Do Not Know Enough about Children!
In the past in Korea, there was not a specific word that referred to children, so people sometimes used slang to refer to them. Children also were not respected as people. To rectify this, Bang Jeong-hwan made the term 'eorini' with a slogan that children also deserved respect as human beings. As a result, children were considered as precious beings. He also carried out a movement under the influence of the March First Independence Movement. It aimed to nourish rights for children and people held an event to celebrate the movement on May first every year. This is the former Children’s Day. However, the Japanese suppressed activists and the activists changed the date of the celebration to May fifth. This is today’s Children’s Day.
- Children’s Day in the World
Children’s Day is on the second Saturday of January in Thailand. On this day, the government prepares special events for children like showing tanks and military planes. Moreover, many facilities are open for free or half the fee. There is also a Children’s Day in Canada on November 20th called National Child Day. It is not a day when adults give presents to children, but a day when people think about protection of human rights of children. Children also learn in school that kids also have equal rights to adults.

2. It Is Time to Exclaim “Thank You” to Your Parents!
Parents’ Day was originally derived from Mothers’ Day,

which began in America. How did the day start? There was a girl, Anna Jarvis, who lived happily with her mother in America. However, her mother passed away and the girl planted carnations, which her mother had liked, near the grave. One day, she participated in an event while wearing a white carnation on her chest due to longing for her mother. The girl also conducted a movement to show that people should treat mothers well. People were touched and took part in the movement. As a result, this spread to the world and became the origin of Mothers’ Day. Korea combined this movement with our culture of filial duty and Parents’ Day began.
- Unusual Gifts for Parents
According to a survey of the site Junsunhki, which provides 50-somethings with life-care service, carnations are one of the worst presents. Therefore, the CBNU Globe prepared new presents and tips for you!
Students are usually accustomed to receiving something from parents. However, how about giving an award to parents to thank them this time? It is also good for people who are embarrassed to express appreciation directly! Second is a 3D figure which is molded into the shape of parents using 3D prints. This can be made within 20 minutes and helps to cherish special memories with parents. However, it is a little expensive. Lastly, most think a carnation is just a flower. However, now people can drink it by making a tea. It blooms beautifully when it is put into water. Moreover, it is good for parents’ health such as their blood circulation and aging prevention.

3. CBNU News about Teachers’ Day
Teachers’ Day was started by Red Cross Youth, a group who work based on the humanitarianism of the original Red Cross. Red Cross Youth visited retired teachers to express their respect. As this activity increased, people insisted on establishing a day to continue the activity. Thus, representatives of Red Cross Youth had a conference to appoint a day, and it is now designated as Teachers’ Day. Then, what happens in CBNU on Teachers’ Day? To celebrate Teachers’ Day in 2015, CBNU ambassadors gave professors flowers to express gratitude. There was also a marathon with professors. CBNU also got stories related to professors from students and provided chances to thank them. Through the event, students could become closer with teachers. All students and professors also could understand each other more.

● May Is Beauty
“The most beautiful month,” “May queen” and “bride of May” all represent May. As you can know from these words, May is matched with beauty. Let’s find out what makes May the most beautiful month.

1. What Is an Adult?
On a certain May day, youths take the first step into their twenties, when they are the most beautiful. In Korea, Coming of Age Day is the third Monday in May every year. This day has been designated to arouse responsibility as members of society and give pride to being adults. This day has been considered as an important rite of passage for all ages and countries from the past. On this day, people who become twenty receive a rose, perfume, and a kiss. Why do people give these gifts to them? Here are the meanings of these gifts.
- Rose: A red rose means ‘passion’ and ‘love’ in th
e language of flowers. Therefore, giving a rose to the young person symbolizes continuing their passion and love.
- Perfume: The young person will be remembered with good images and have positive effects on another people, like the perfume’s scent.
- Kiss: Of course, this gift is a lover’s kiss. This
means that as you become an adult, you should love responsibly.

2. Queen of Seasons
May is said to be the most beautiful month because various flowers are in full bloom. You can see colorful flowers everywhere. Lilacs, tulips and poppies are typical flowers among many flowers in May. Here are some stories about these flowers.
- Lilac: The lilac means the ‘start of love,’ ‘memory,’ and ‘friendship.’
A lilac has two colors, purple and white. Purple lilacs mean ‘first emotion of love’ and white lilacs are ‘purity’ and ‘chastity’ in the language of flowers.
- Tulip: Actually, the tulip is known as a symbol of the Netherlands, but it is native to Turkey. Tulips are a typical flower in May. Therefore, many tulip festivals are held like the Taean Flower Festival and the festival in Everland. A tulip means ‘confession
of love,’ ‘fascination,’ and ‘imprudence.’
- Poppy: The Opium Wars changed Chinese history. This opium came from poppies. Therefore, a poppy
is beautiful, but is a dangerous flower. In Korea, it is illegal to grow many poppies. The poppy has two colors, red and white. A red poppy means ‘consolation’ and a white poppy means ‘oblivion’ in the language of flowers.

● May Is Passion
It is the time to blow away your stress! It is the perfect time for university students to release the energy of youth. That is why we thought of May as Passion. Let's see the special events in CBNU through which you can release the energy of youth.

1. The More You Sweat, the Closer You Will Be
Without a doubt, May is a month of athletic meetings. Each college usually holds an athletic meeting in May for two or three days. They usually play soccer, volleyball, or dodge ball, hold relay races, and so on. In the case of soccer, they start to play the qualifying rounds about two weeks before. While practicing and cheering together wearing the same T-shirts, they can become closer with one another.
●Special Athletic Meeting Ceremony in CBNU!
In the College of Engineering, there is a special entrance ceremony similar to the Olympic opening ceremony. We met Park Joon-woo, the student leader of the College of Engineering, to hear the detailed story.

Q) Could you explain about the entrance ceremony in the College of Engineering?
A) Each department shows a special performance that makes the best of their traits in the entrance ceremony. For example, students in the Department of Civil Engineering bring an excavator, and students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering bring a car that they made. While just some students can participate in the matches, almost every student can join in this ceremony. It is very meaningful to get closer and inherit the tradition.

Q) Then what was the most impressive performance to you?
A) I cannot choose one because every department showed special and well prepared performances. Last year, the School of Chemical Engineering showed a performance holding flags. Male students wore military uniforms and female students wore hanboks. It was cool and unique, so they won the first prize.

2. Eat, Jump, and Have Fun Together!
Many people think May is the month of festivals. Daedongje
in May is the biggest festival in CBNU. For three days, students experience many interesting things in booths like wearing hanboks and eating delicious street foods. When it gets dark, various concepts of taverns operated by many departments and clubs appear. Although the price of the side dishes is not cheap, many people visit there to drink, meet people and enjoy the atmosphere of youth. Lastly, when the invited singers arrive, people get excited, singing and jumping together. Not only CBNU students but also local residents and other university students come to our festival and enjoy the events together. It is not too much to say that May is the month of passion.

May is a month that symbolizes plenty of things. The midterm exams are over, so there is nothing you should worry about. Therefore, all you have to do is to enjoy May. We hope you make special memories, loving and enjoying those around you, in the most beautiful month, May.

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