Look Inside the Campus!
Look Inside the Campus!
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- An Interview with the Dean of Academic Affairs

In 2016, the CBNU Globe proudly presents its “Look Inside the Campus” series. Frankly speaking, most of the students attending the school aren’t quite familiar with all the bureaus that are behind CBNU. From now on, Geonji Report will talk about the bureaus inside the school and get a little glimpse of what they do. To get some information, I met with Yoo Chul-joong, the dean of Academic Affairs.
● Can you briefly introduce the Bureau of Academic Affairs?
First of all, Academic Affairs constitutes two departments. One is the Office of Academic Affairs and the other is the Office of Educational Affairs. In the Office of Academic Affairs, we carry out the overall work related with the school’s regulations. For example, we invite the visiting professors, employees, and so on. Also, we handle students’ pressing matters such as double majors and minors. In the Office of Educational Affairs, we manage the overall work related to students and the lectures, like graduation, matriculation, and class registration. Many students often come to the Office of Educational Affairs to get their certificates, like transcripts. However, there are so many more things that are going on in the Office of Educational Affairs.
● What are the new businesses that the Academic Affairs is planning to run in 2016?
There are many plans to be put into action. However, one of the plans is about the comprehensive information system for CBNU, OASIS. Items like grade management, credit management, and registering for class are quite important to students and are the most used items in OASIS. For the users’ convenience, we asked the Computing Center to upgrade the portal to be more useful to the students. For example, the remaining requisite courses and elective courses would be marked from now on on the screen.
Another plan that relates to the students is the system for changing one’s major. From 2016, those who want to change their majors have to first consult with a professor or TA in the department that he or she wants to transfer to. In this way, we can prepare those students with the needed information before they change their majors.
In addition, the “freshman seminar” course was changed into a course named “Adventure & Creative Thinking.” Through this change, there will be more special lectures about adventure and creativity. Also, a course called “Community Learning” will be newly offered. This is a special course that only the “Consultation Guidance Professor” can open. In this course, the students have to do a team project with a senior as the mentor and a junior as a mentee. This course is 0.5 credits in one semester.
● You have been working as dean since last year. When was the most difficult time while working as dean, and what did you personally experience?
I always try to work happily, so it wasn’t difficult or anything, but I feel responsibility when I hear of a member’s inconvenience with administrative procedure services. One thing I felt about CBNU personally is that all of the members of CBNU have a positive mind toward their fields. We have confidence and pride in our university. I think this is the reason why CBNU could grow and develop rapidly these few years.
● Do you have any special words for CBNU students?
From the Bureau of Academic Affairs, we would like to remind the students about managing their own credits well. Studying various parts of studies are important, but first, be careful and check not to miss any requisite courses. Personally, to the students, I would like to point out two things -- “upright personality” and “passion.” With these two dispositions, every problem or tumble in the way could be overcome.

Did you learn more about the work of Academic Affairs? From now on, to enjoy an ample campus life, let’s learn more about the role of bureaus on the campus while reading the CBNU Globe!

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