Sparkling Art? Street Art!
Sparkling Art? Street Art!
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You can see “this” a lot in your friends' SNS profile photos. Also, “this” is really great for lighting dark and obscure alleys. Can you guess what “this” is? Yes, right. It is street art. Today's streets and alleys are not boring anymore. That's because of the street art. Street art is public art painted in open places. It is good for attracting people's attention, so it has spread across the globe rapidly. Let's go to see it.

● Various Kinds of Street Art
1. Wall Painting (Murals)
Wall painting is very easy to find these days, so you may have seen this. People have painted on walls since the Stone Age. Our ancestors usually drew animals in hopes of hunting. As time passed, people drew important events on walls. Therefore, wall painting played an important role in delivering historical messages to future generations. These days, though, wall painting has another important role. It makes dark streets shine. People usually draw flowers, animation characters, beautiful nature, and so on. Wall paintings which are specialized for taking photos, such as wings, are also very common.
The fervor to change towns through wall painting is really heating up nowadays. Not only experts but also ordinary students or local residents can participate in the wall painting. You can join in a wall painting club or ask at a community volunteer center. Many people visit the countryside and draw murals as a part of talent donation as well.

How to Make it
The way of painting murals is a little bit different depending on the situation. However, the general steps are this:
① Measure the size of the wall and check the background scenery.
② Make a design.
③ Make the wall even, scraping out the existing paint.
④ Paint the background color.
⑤ Make a sketch.
⑥ Paint the wall and draw lines.
⑦ Coat it with waterproof finishing materials and complete it.

There is a pastoral mural village near you. This is Jeonju’s Jaman Mural Village, which is located near the Jeonju Hanok Village. There are many cute paintings and cafes. You should walk uphill, so you'd better wear sneakers.

2. Graffiti
Graffiti is words and drawings painted on a wall with spray paint. At first, a small number of groups such as rebellious teenagers and hip-hop enthusiasts led the movement. However, spreading throughout the world, it began to include social messages like fighting AIDS, anti-racism, anti-nuclear proliferation, and so on. Also, it is a big part of hip-hop. Thusm now, graffiti has become a form of modern art. The interesting feature of graffiti is this: it is deviant as well as artistic and symbolic.
These days, there are also many graffiti exhibitions in Korea. Graffiti is a kind of artwork on walls, so you may wonder how it can be displayed. They can fill the wall with graffiti or display papers with sketches of graffiti, etc. There are many more unique artworks. Likewise, graffiti exhibitions show unconventional paintings and young men's aspects of street culture very well.
Even if you are unaware, you have seen graffiti a lot. It appears in many music videos such as EXO’s “Growl” andU-Know’s “Champagne,” (U-Know is a member of TVXQ). Can you see the graffiti art decorating the background?

● The World's Street Art
There are many cities whose street art is famous. Here are three locations from around the world. In Borås, Sweden, there's a special festival in September every year. This is the best season to see street art. Also, Valparaiso, Chile, is a port city. In recent years, the street art in this city has reached new peaks. Lastly, Hawaii is the world's famous tourist attraction. You must not miss the street art as well as the beautiful sun and surfing.

These kinds of street art are not just simple scribbles or painting. They play an important role in arousing sympathy and giving messages to people and society. From now on, if you see street art while walking along the street, just stop and gaze at it for a while. It is not a simple painting anymore!

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