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At the Start of Something New
2016년 03월 03일 (목) 11:36:49 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

It’s the beginning of the first semester. Some of us are back again on the campus and some of us are new to this whole atmosphere. This common feeling that we have just by setting foot on the campus can be described with one word, “expectation.” Some of the students would have an expectation about their studies and classes, some will just want to enjoy the campus life with extra activities, and some might even think of romance. It’s wonderful that we can feel these diverse expectations because expectations makes us live more actively and in a challenging way. As for myself, I have an expectation that everything will go as planned and as smoothly as possible this year. However, the responsibility of being the editor-in-chief of the CBNU Globe is kind of threatening. However, I am confident that whatever happens, I will overcome it with the help of the people beside me. Moreover, I think there will be some expectations that our readers will have about the CBNU Globe, too. In order to make this magazine a medium that delivers fresh information to enjoy, we will always remember our motto , which is “Fearless, faithful and true to others.” Likewise, we reporters also have an expectation. We expect to hear from our readers a lot more about their responses towards our writings. In addition, we hope to reach out to numerous readers inside and outside of the campus so that we can proudly present our magazine.
Starting the semester with just the right amount of expectation is a perfect finishing touch for preparing for your whole semester. If you are just wandering around the campus and feel like you don’t have your hopes up, talk with your friends, attend the lecture that you have always wanted to, eat something delicious, and feel. It’s the feeling of expectation that comes from living actively and in a lively way. After all, it’s up to you to decide whether you will have the start of a gloomy habitual semester or a fantastic start of something new.

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