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Born to Sing, Xia
2016년 02월 19일 (금) 10:55:22 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Many people have a favorite singer when they are young. For me, the first singing group that I fell in love with was TVXQ (dong-bang-sin-gi). It was such a sensation that they had four-letter names in the Korean alphabet (for example, Xia-Junsu), which was really unusual. I was a 4th grader in elementary school, and, maybe exaggerating a bit, I dare say every single one of my friends became their fans.
Five members split up from JYJ and TVXQ about three years ago. I went to the concert of Junsu, one of the members of JYJ, on November 7th in Seoul. After his fourth album “Yesterday” was released, this Asian tour concert was held. He said, to show his various skills, he tried to release new albums. The Olympic Stadium was full of his deep, soulful voice. His vocal prowess was clear and moving. The fans had such a great manner that they were silent when Junsu was singing a ballad song, and then sang along and jumped together when he was singing a dance song. He was also a good talker, communicating with fans all the time and making everyone smile. When the concert was near the end, Junsu started to say thanks to his fans. In particular, to the fans in their twenties, in which I was included, he appreciated their constant love despite the tough times. In an interview for a magazine, he said “There are no promises between me and my fans about what’s coming next, however, they are always there, like there was a promise. That keeps me motivated for new things. I would love to show more and better things to my fans.” He is an artist that rewards fans’ love through music. How could someone not like this true musician?
There is a very heartwarming part in the lyrics for his latest song, called “Yesterday”: “I want to grow old with you. You’ll look good with grey hair. Our lives are too short to spend together.” As long as Xia keeps singing, even if he has grey hair, his fans will love to spend time together with him. He is a singer who ensures that his fans and many people will love him for a long time.

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