The Place Which Constructs a Strong Foundation!
The Place Which Constructs a Strong Foundation!
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- The College of Natural Science

Hello? Do you know who I am? My name is Erwin Schrodinger. Have you ever heard about “Schrodinger's cat”? The man in that theory name is me. I'm a famous physicist and a hot guy. I'm super attractive. Maybe you think of a natural scientist as a freak who wears thick glasses and coops up in the laboratory. You are wrong! There are lots of charming natural scientists, especially in the College of Natural Science. Why don't you read articles to know more information about the College of Natural Science?

 What is Natural Science?
Natural Scientists observe natural phenomenon and discover universal laws with the scientific method. They also study phenomena and laws found in nature. Therefore, Natural Science is one of the pure Foundation Studies. It is also the source of the most advanced scientific technology.

 Where is the College of Natural Science?
As you see on the rough map, it is located near the Old Gate. It is also near the fountain. Therefore, you can easily see a nice sight and get sentimental.

 How much do you know about the subjects of the College of Natural Science?

Let’s see the many departments which the College of Natural Science has. There are ten departments in the College of Natural Science and those could be divided in two parts.

(This will be organized by graph!)

These departments do research on natural phenomena.
① Department of Chemistry
② Department of Physics
③ Department of Earth and Environmental Science
④ Department of Mathematics
⑤ Department of Biological Sciences
⑥ Department of Molecular Biology

Now, it is time to apply natural science to society. These departments study the relationship between natural science and society.

① Department of Science Studies: Maybe many students don’t know this department exactly. The Department of Science Studies in CBNU was the first one implemented in Korea. This department researches about the relationship between scientific technology and society.
② Department of Semiconductor Science & Technology: There are both Electronics and Semiconductor Physics in Physics. These subjects are a type of deeper study into Physics.
③ Department of Sports Science: The Department of Sports Science studies the functions of the sports and adjusts exercises to each person. The main purpose of this department is to give incentive to a sports-popular society and to incubate sports experts.
④ Department of Statistics: Most of the subjects in the College of Natural Science have existed for a long period, but statistics developed in modern times. It collects lots of social data and analyzes them mathematically.

● Various Festivals in the College of Natural Science
1. Jayeon-Jejeon: Jayeon-Jejeon is a sports day which only the students in the College of Natural Science can participate in. It is held every second semester and the kinds of events or sports are different every year. In particular, e-sports like internet games were added to this year’s festival.
2. N League: Jayoen-jejeon is held in the second semester, and it was the only sports meeting in the College of Natural Science. That is the reason why N League began to be held, and it only has soccer. Many male students really enjoy N League, so some of them make bets involving shaving their hair.
3. Idea Competition: Every student in the College of Natural Science can apply for this competition. The purpose of the competition is to improve students’ creativity, and the subject changes every year. The first contest of this year was about photography, and the second was about energy saving.

To explain about the real College of Natural Science, here are two people. One is already a natural scientist, and the other is a person who wants to be a natural scientist.

< An Interview with Kim Cheol-ju, Dean of the Department of Natural Science>
- Recently, many students tend to prefer Engineering to Natural Science. What do you think about this situation?
Most of the practical studies or applied studies like engineering are likely to reveal results quickly. On the other hand, natural science, one of the pure studies, aims to find the very basic principles of things. That is the reason why it takes a long time for natural scientists to reveal results. Making a strong foundation is only possible in a long period. In my opinion, recently, many students and politicians in Korea put pragmatism as the most important thing. However, many Japanese scientists, for example, have received the Nobel Prize because the Japanese have a patient attitude toward pure studies. I wish Korean natural science would develop with social support and natural scientists’ endeavor.
- Can you give some advice to your CBNU students?
I really feel great when students do their best in any part. However, I have seen some students who don’t have a goal, so they end up feeling frustrated. Students need to make a detailed plan and carry out various things with the plan. Furthermore, I hope students ask lots of questions in class. By asking and getting answers to a question, students can study more deeply and widely. It doesn’t matter whether the question is profound or trivial. I’m sure that a questioning habit is helpful in social activities as well as studying.

< An Interview whit Kim Da-jeong, a sophomore in the Department of Science Studies>
- Please explain more details about your major.
The purpose of the Department of Science Studies is to incubate scientists who have enough humanities qualifications. I learn philosophy, arts, politics, and even history and search for the relationship between science and society.
- Have you ever participated in any festivals in the College of Natural Science?
I really like Jayeon-Jejeon. When students play against each other in the Department of Sports Science, many students regard the winner as already decided. Thanks to Jayeon-Jejeon, I have a happy time with my friends, and, at the same time, I can exercise.
- What is your impression about the College of Natural Science?
I have seen many students satisfied with their majors, but some friends of mine have difficulty with their studies. I had the same problem last year, but I began to pay attention and have affection for my studies. After that I could think about more various positions and decide what I should do. I recommend for some tired students to look on the bright side and never give up.

When architects construct a new building, they focus on making a strong foundation. Natural Science aims to have a broader and deeper thinking about natural phenomena. Furthermore, it is essential to develop engineering and technology. How about remembering the importance and value of natural science?

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