Do Not Get a Free Ride on History
Do Not Get a Free Ride on History
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Who doesn’t love his or her own history? Korea has a long and proud history of five thousand years. As a Korean, I am very proud of my country in many ways. When people think of the word “history”, most think that it’s a boring or mundane thing and so on. So did I.
However, after watching some programs on TV, my attitude toward history changed distinctly. What I saw was a part of an SBS variety show. This program held a history quiz show for children, and this got me thinking. I was embarrassed to see an elementary school student know so much about Korean history and solve quizzes with ease. In addition, recent TV programs like Infinite Challenge(무한도전) and Real Men(진짜 사나이) have hosted many projects about history and it made me feel ashamed of myself as a Korean.
Youth is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. But, what matters is how we actually live. Korean history in school education is losing ground to those who distort it. Neighbor countries distorted history, and it seems that they even provoke some history wars. We should not be deprived of our history again.
I think I cannot let such a thing go without saying a word. I think what I have to do first is to learn the history of our country, so I studied for the Korea History Exam in the National History Compilation Committee during last summer vacation. The more I studied Korean history, the more I wanted to know about it. I studied hard for raising concern about history to have a balanced sense of history. As a result, I passed the advanced level of the exam.
The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance, and I did it, too. I was very ignorant of Korean history. Now it is an astonishing fact that we are still strangers in our own country. It is important that we remember our history. Why? We are a concomitant result of our history. We cannot live in our history, but we learn from our history. We need not stress the reason why people study history. The past tells a lot about the future and enables us to avoid repeating past mistakes.
It is important to learn the history of our country. There were some sorrowful periods in its history, but I am proud of it as there have been no shameful or immoral events in our history. We must remember the phrase, “There is no future for a tribe who has forgotten the past.”

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