I Will Guide You, Bow-wow
I Will Guide You, Bow-wow
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Hi! I'm a guide dog, Tansili. Maybe you know me through the book “A Guide Dog Tansili.” Isn’t my picture cute at the bottom? When I was young, I trained in a guide dog school. Therefore, I can help the blind now. I feel very proud of my work. Why don't you hear my story as a guide dog? Bow-wow!

1. What Is a Guide Dog?
First, you have to know what a guide dog is. In short, we help disabled people. Many people think we are just helping the blind, but we are also helping hearing-impaired people and physically challenged persons. That means our role is wider than you thought. Maybe many dogs envy our work to help people, but not all dog breeds can be a guide dog. Shepards were initially used. Now, Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers are often used. As you know, I am also a Golden Retriever. Then, why are Golden Retrievers used as guide dogs? That’s because the character of retrievers is friendly with people and they are also patient. Bow-wow!

2. Way To Be a Guide Dog
Now, I will introduce to you how to be a guide dog. If you want your dog to be a guide dog, your dog should go through very hard stages. The stages we should surmount are very tough and need patience. Therefore, sometimes there are slumps. From here on, I’ll tell you the process of how I became a guide dog. First, when I was a baby dog, I was selected as an excellent breed. Second, I was entrusted to a volunteer and I received the volunteer’s love and had basic training such as obedience training, intellectual disobedience training, and gait training. These trainings determined if I could be a guide dog. After ending all trainings, I finally met the master I should guide. This was the most wonderful moment. If I am too old to guide my master, I am brought to the volunteer’s house again or the guide dog school and stay there for the rest of my life. I think when death comes to me I will say I was happy to meet my master and help my master. Bow-wow!

 3. Tools of a Guide Dog
It is made of leather. It is durable enough to adjust movement between master and dog. It is a kind of bond between master and dog.
-Guide dogs marker
It refers to a guide dog. In other words, it is referring to our work as guide dogs.
-Recognized guide dog leash
If some emergency situation between dog and master occurs, the leash can play a role as a reference to inform of the master’s phone number and address.
-Guide dog vest
When people think about us, they may think of the image of us wearing a yellow vest. I love this vest. Bow wow!

4. Watch Out!
You should be careful when you meet me (guide dog). Here are the tips about dos and don’ts for a guide dog.
-Don’t give me food
You should not give any food to me for my work. If you give some food, it can disturb the trust between the master and me. It can also be harmful to my health. Worst of all, I can become distracted and the owner can be in danger easily.
-Don’t call my name
If you call my name, I instinctively stare at you. Shortly, I forget my job serving my master. Please, don’t call my name when I serve my master.
-Don’t pet me
I know I’m too cute for you not to pet me. I also enjoy your smooth petting. However, it could disturb me in focusing on my master.
-Don’t take a picture without allowance
I’m so afraid of camera flashes. They frighten me. Moreover, my master doesn’t want to be photographed. Bow-wow!

5. Stories about My Friends
Hello! I’m Tansili’s friend. I’ll tell you my story. My master, Christina Colon, is blind and old. On the last Christmas, fire broke out in my house. I quickly moved to her and evacuated her into a safe place. Then, I pressed “SOS dial.” The fire truck came fast because of my rapid SOS call. The case was closed. People gave me a lot of presents for my smart behavior. How wonderful I am!
Nice day, sir! I’m another friend, Figo. My master, Stone, is also blind. One day, we took a stroll in New York. When returning home, the bus crashed into me and master. I instinctively threw myself at the bus to protect my master. The bus suddenly stopped and I saved my master’s life. Although I got serious injuriess to my right front leg, I’m happy to have saved my master. Bow-wow!
Thanks to my story, I assume you know well about me and my friends. We are trained strictly and should pass through difficult tests. When we become guide dogs, we should keep our eyes on our masters to guide them carefully. I’m really tired, but this job gives me a reward. If you admire me, please thank me and have the proper etiquette with me.

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