About Courage!
About Courage!
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Last semester was really hard for me. I had to study for my major and deal with a lot of tasks. Also there were a lot of things to take responsibility for. Despite the hardships, I was really happy to undergo this busy life since I got a precious benefit: courage.
I was really a cowardly person, especially when meeting new people. Last winter, after I failed to enter the army, I was really embarrassed and depressed. In other words, I was broken I hated my lazy life, then I found a special group via SNS. It was the “Book Worm Group.” This group was made for encouraging people to read books. Since members shared their experience about books, I decided to read one they recommended. After that, all was changed. Not only did I change my lifestyle, but I also got along with new SNS friends through the group and shared thoughts and experiences with them. I even went from Iksan to Seoul to meet the friends I had met. I was really afraid to face new things because I was accustomed to a lazy life. The biggest reason I gathered courage was that it was scarier to fall behind others than to keep going on with the life I was accustomed to. In this way, I could get courage to face new environment.
Engineers should develop new technology for a better life. When I was a freshman, it was impossible for me to make or invent machines and programs. Then, one day, an alumnus who graduated from my department said, “I want to be a mentor and help you to accomplish your goal. Before that, I will ask you something: do you want to win a great prize? Haven’t you thought that you wanted to win a prize?” He was right. Before I started, I set a low goal to just enjoy normal life. If I really wanted to accomplish something, I had to set a clear goal, but I hadn’t done it since I was a coward. This year, I started a project, “Labview Campus Membership.” Labview is a kind of computer programming language, and my team would make lots of software programs using it and we all won a great prize. Then I got the courage to challenge my limits.
I was used to avoiding problems. If problems occurred at the same time, I used to hide or keep making excuses. However, all problems pop up in other forms, like bigger problems or responsibilities. Last year, I took charge of a lot of tasks and I was exhausted. I was used to skipping the problems for my convenience. After I avoided things, all of them came to me again with blame and responsibility. I recognized that if I could not avoid it, I had to face it readily.
I am really an inexperienced and inadequate person, so it is normal to make mistakes or fail. However, I must face my past faults, present problems, and future life to make myself better, and, moreover, to make the world better. There would be lots of obstacles, but being brave could be a driving force to go straight. Don’t be afraid, but instad, make our world better!

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