The Purple Waves Rising in a Glass
The Purple Waves Rising in a Glass
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A long time ago, a boy whose name was Dionysus grew grapes. One day, he crushed his grapes by mistake. A few days later, he found that the smell and taste of the grapes became excellent. He made alcohol with the crushed grapes and spread it. Do you know what it is? You guessed it: wine!

● The Beverage Made with Grapes, Wine
You may know exactly that wine come from grapes. Interestingly, grape isn’t the only material which is essential to make wine. Then, what is required for good wine?

1. Terroir
Terroir is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop's epigenetic quality. If you plant the same variety of grape in different areas, do they grow in the same way? They do not. Each area has its own geography and climate characteristics like soil, rain fall, and slant of soil, and we call these ”terroir.” In France, which is famous for wine, people evaluate vineyards on terroir and the evaluation result determines the quality of grapes. Thus, you can guess how important terroir is.

2. Cepage
Good terroir with good variety of grapes is the icing on the cake. Cepage means the variety of grapes. While wine is fermented, glucose in grapes becomes alcohol. This means that if you ferment grapes with low glucose, the wine would be less sweet than other wines.

3. Skill of Brewing
Grapes can’t make a perfect wine without great brewing skills and the maker’s sincerity. The fermentation process to make wine is a quite sophisticated work. If the grape seeds are mashed or broken, it makes the wine sour.

4. Vintage
Grapes, which are indispensable to make wine, come from nature. The perfect weather for grapes is enough sunshine and little rainfall. Good weather makes the grapes’ color more beautiful and the taste deeper. However, not all daily weather is good. Since they can’t remember every day’s weather, by reading the vintage, wine experts guess whether the grapes were grown in good weather or not.

● Types of Wine: How Much Do You Know?
There are various kinds of wine. Among them, the most basic and general standard to classify wine is the color. We can classify them into three types depending on the pigment that the grapes’ skin has. Red wine, white wine, and rose wine are the three types.

1. Red wine
Red wine is the most common wine that comes to mind when you hear “wine.” It has a red color because it is made of whole grapes without straining out seeds and skins. The skin and seed of the grapes contain tannin, and this makes a red wine astringent. We can get much information from its color. For example, we can identify its quality, its age, and its area of production. Red wine usually matches well with meat and highly seasoned dishes. Also, red wine is heavier than white wine, so it's better to drink after white wine. The representative varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah.

2. White wine
White wine is made of green grape juice extracted without its skin or only the juice of red grapes. White wine contains less tannins than red wine, so it is more light and fresh. To give you a tip for white wine, it tastes better to drink it cool. We cannot get a wealth of information from its color, but one thing is for sure: brown color means it is not good. White wine gets darker with aging. When it turns brown, it is not tasty because it is too oxidized. In addition, white wine matches well with fish dishes and light dishes that don't have strong smell or taste. Also, it is common to drink it before red wine. The representative varieties are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Semillon.

3. Rose wine
Rose wine has a bright pink color between red wine and white wine. One way of making rose wine is to ferment it like red wine and remove the skin at the moment when the right color appears. The other way is to mash red grapes and brew them through the method of white wine. Rose wine tastes like white wine, light and fresh. It is better not to ripen for a long time and to drink it cool. That's why many foreigners drink cool rose wine at the beach or at an open-air cafe. In addition, rose wine is a good present for a newly married couples. That's because the pink color reminds them of their happy future. Rose D'Anjou, Tavel Rose, and Mateus Rose are the famous rose wines.

● What Can You Find Out from Labels?
On wine labels, there are three kinds of information which you can find out. First, you can find the vintage of the wine. The vintage means harvest year. Second, on wine labels, you can get information about the country of origin. Even if you have the same breed of grape, different cultivation areas make different tastes. Thus, you have to know the country of origin. Lastly, you can find an icon of the wine. That is called the ‘logo. If you know this and use it wisely, you can have a good wine and enjoy it at home.

● The Most Beautiful Glass, the Wine Glass
The special beverage wine has its own glass, and the shapes of it are so artistic. Furthermore, the glass has unique characteristics and interesting secrets.

1. Shape
Lip – Literally, lip is the part of the glass you use to drink wine. To hold the fragrance of wine, the circumference of the lip is shorter than the bowl’s.

Bowl – To drink wine, pour the wine in the bowl. The best amount to fill the bowl is just one third of the bowl’s volume. That is why the rest of the bowl is filled with fragrance.

Stem - Stem is a very unique characteristic of a wine glass because other cups don't have it. The reason why a wine glass has a stem is that the temperature of your hand can influence the wine's taste.

Base – The base balances out glass’s weight.

Can you guess the veiled science in a wine glass? After knowing this, you can choose a suitable glass to each wine.

2. Relationship between Glass & Tongue
How we taste wine depends on how widely the tongue meets wine. The side of the tongue senses sour and the tip senses sweet, so when you drink sweet wine you have to choose a wine glass which has a narrow bowl. Likewise, when you drink sour wine, you’d better choose a wine glass which has a wider bowl.

3. Type
Commonly there are three kinds of wine, and so are there different kinds of wine glasses. First, there are two types of red wine glass. The Bordeaux glass looks like a typical tulip. The Bourgogne glass is shorter and wider than the Bordeaux glass, so it is comfortable to smell fragrances using this. But be careful. If you drink cheap wine which has a little fragrance in a Bourgogne, the fragrance will fly away. The second is the white wine glass. White wine is cold and it is tangy, so its glass is usually small and it permits the wine to meet the tip of the tongue. Furthermore, it is less reentrant than the red wine glass. Third is the champagne glass. Champagne has not only fragrance but also small bubbles. Because of these characteristics, the champagne glass has a short lip and a long bowl and stem.

4. Care
Cleaning wine glasses using detergent can cause residues, and this can change the taste. Thus, it is good to wash the glass with hot water, then wipe with a clean linen. After washing, put the glass upside-down.

● Drinking Wine Can Also Be a Job?
There is a job related to drinking wine. Have you heard about sommeliers? A sommelier gives consumers a suggestion and tastes the first glass of wine of a buyer to decide whether the wine is good or not. The sommelier also is a professional in storing wine in good conditions, so he or she usually works in a fine restaurant. In addition to this job, there are many jobs in wine areas, such as the Wine Maker, who takes charge of manufacturing wine at wineries, and the Blending Master, who makes new wine by blending wines together.

● Step into the Wine World with CBNU Wine!
Did you know that a special wine is on sale now at the nearest place you are in? CBNU sells memorial wine to foster global human resources. The name of the wine is CHRONICONE, Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, and it is from Italy. The logo of CBNU is on the label. This classy wine has a dark red color. If you savor the taste and flavor of this wine deeply, you can feel the aroma and oaky scent. Moreover, this CBNU wine matches very well with Korean food. Of course the flavor of this wine is great, but the most important thing is that a part of the income will be donated for the development of global human resources. Drink delicious wine and play a part in developing human resources. Isn't it killing two birds with one stone? Why don't you step into the world of wine beginning with the CBNU wine?

● How Can We Enjoy It More That 200%...?
Do you want to drink as stylishly as sommeliers on TV shows? There are simple ways and steps with which you can enjoy wine. In enjoying wine, you have to take three steps. First, look at a glass to check the wine’s precipitates or the transparency of the color; they will imply whether it is a good wine or not. Then, smell the wine and taste it. Just try it with your friends and enjoy it with your senses!

These days, we can find wine very easily. There are many wine expos for the public, and any department store has a wine section. Wine doesn't mean just drinking alcohol any more. Wine is a way of sharing each other's feeling. Then, why don't you have dinner and drink wine with your loved one in a romantic restaurant tonight?

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