Dear You
Dear You
  • 승인 2015.07.10 16:15
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Hi! This year has almost half passed, and your worry has set in. 2015 may mean a lot to you since it is your last moment in university. Wearing neat clothes for your graduation picture makes you look a little unfamiliar, but it still looks pretty. I know how pretty you are, but I think you forget it sometimes.
I think you did not realize it, but you have been kind of my role model since I’ve met you. For me, you are a nice looking, smart, and cool girl to hang out with. Yes, you are the one who is the top student in the class and everyone says, “You are such an elite girl.” But since this year, particularly the time when you began applying for companies, things changed. You were so naïve to keep your spirit free — the “unique” meaning of being you — but other competitors were so armed up with standardized qualifications, the so-called “Spec.” You have been a girl who grew up following the expectations from parents and society. Never failed, never got disappointed living by your own rules. I felt so sad because you started to worry about yourself with words like, “Am I wrong? What if I fail? Am I not qualified?” When you said, “Maybe I am not allowed to do what I wanted. I don’t know what I will do after I fail all my applications. I didn’t think about it at all,” I was shocked with how small your ego had gotten.
Do not worry. I know you will achieve what you want! It is okay to fall. It is okay to struggle, and it is okay to be afraid, but don’t blame everything on yourself. It is not your fault. I will be at your side, always. You don’t have to push yourself too hard because of your fear. Don’t let any shadow be cast on your pretty face! Your prettiness deserves to shine. I love you sincerely.

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