Make Your Own Image!
Make Your Own Image!
  • Jo Doo-rim reporter
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-don’t be someone else’s fake

 I have a question. Do you know well who you are? Can you bet that you know yourself better than others? Sometimes are you surprised at yourself discovering you have new aspects? If so, I will ask again. Are you really well aware of your image? Image is not a look that I see but that other people do. I can express the image that I want to show to other people and make it what they want to see through me. Everybody wants to change an ordinary image into the envy of all people. Is it possible in reality? Do you live with someone’s fake rather than with your own image, obsessed with trend? Everybody wants not rejection, but approval. People desire to be ‘Ho-gam’ (favor) rather than ‘Bi Ho-gam’ (non favor), but the six billion people in the world have different tastes. So, how about making your own image through basic ‘Ho-gam’ tips? If you agree, read on!


Visual element has an effect on fifty five percent in the first impression and your that will be determined in only 30 seconds. So, fashion to express yourself in a short time is a very important element. Therefore, you have to be interested in fashion. Although what to wear is your freedom, you should follow the rules when you wear clothes. You should dress harmoniously based on T.P.O. T.P.O. stands for ‘Time, Place, and Occasion’ and that means you have to get dressed suitably for these things. Imagine that in an important presentation you wear a stretched T-shirt and slippers or you put on a tuxedo at a casual party. That is very odd, and you would be called a ‘fashion terrorist.’ Another thing! The famous brand or the amount of clothing is not important. Instead of that, it might be better to wear clothes that match well for you. Lastly, do the laundry and ironing, and clean your clothes! If you keep the rules, the next thing depends on your taste.

Voice consulting

“How was your date?” “It was pretty good except for one thing.” “What was the one thing?” “He spoke with a short tongue and had a bad voice!” - Collage of Humanities, Miss. L While the visual element affects 55% of the first impression, an auditory element occupies 38% of it according to the survey by Albert Mehr abian, professor of UCLA. However, many people tend to be interested in their looks, but few people mind their voices. The first reason is because they overlook the impact of voice, and the next reason is because they think the voice can’t be changed. But can’t you really change your voice? The answer is ‘yes’. One voice expert said, “Most people have good voices. However, rare people have confidence and pride in their voices.” Therefore, you need to manage your voice. When you practice breathing, you can improve confidence and driving force. Above all, you can convey exact meaning in a long sentence. Open your mouth as wide as possible. Read books loudly with correct posture. And correct your pronunciation. To be a persuasive speaker, try to practice at least 6 months steadily. Then, you can have a charming voice, impressive to others.

 Manner & Confident attitude, like a model

 Manners show a person’s personality. And basically, the meaning of manners contains consideration to others. Because of this, well-mannered behavior makes others feel good. Of course, if you do not keep your manners, you do not get approval. Though keeping manners or not is your choice, when you follow the norms you look better. Be aware of basic manners! Jang Yoon-ju, a famous model for her confident catwalk, said, “Do not walk in a slumped posture. Instead, walk with your shoulders back and your chest high, because correct posture is not only good for making a nice body shape and a style of dressing, but also good for implanting self-confidence.” If you have a dignified attitude and position you would be recognized instinctively as a person with prominent DNA. In addition, you let others feel your passion and trust. On the other hand, the walk with a slight stoop is despised. It is certain that the person who is walking confidently attracts the public gaze, isn’t it?

  Now, you have checked the basic ‘Ho-gam’ tips. You might be able to work toward making a unique image using just these fundamental rules from now on. Of course, ‘Imitation is the mother of invention’. However, if you are immersed in copying others, you’ll be a second at most. Instead, let’s make our own creative images. You are a priceless person in the world!

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