Enrich Your Campus Life!
Enrich Your Campus Life!
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Do you have enough money to live a rich life? Most of you will answer “NO.” You want to date your boy- or girlfriend, drink with your friend or buy a new book for learning while you have a little money. Paul Anthony Samuelson, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1970, insisted that the formula for happiness is desire over consumption. According to him, you should spend more money for a happy life rather than suppressing your desire. Let’s know concretely how to enrich your life at CBNU.

 What Money Means To You!
For this issue, the CBNU Globe held a survey titled “What Money Means to University Students.” For one of the questions, “What is Money to You?” and the answers were hilarious.
- To hang out with friends, money is necessary. It is always hard to say “no” when everyone else is buying coffee but me.
- It is like a “push and pull.” Sometimes it feels like mine, but in suddenly it disappears like it was never mine.
- Nothing. If you don’t want to go out with your boyfriend… if you want to wear the same clothes every day… if you want to walk to school all day… if you want to give away your freedom…
- When I pay for books, the hospital, and school products, I feel I am spending too much money. However, for clothes, cosmetics, and food, I don’t feel I am spending a lot. It is mysterious.
- Money doesn’t exactly mean happiness; however, I dare say it is the easiest way to make me happy.

You may see, most students show how important money is for university students. About 300 students answered this survey.

 Young Boss!
Many university students want to become employees of major companies. Unfortunately, the gulf between employee and employer is growing wider and wider. It’s impossible to be rich just as a normal office worker. How about making your own company to make a lot of money? Nowadays, there are so many young people who started their own businesses, and they have a lot in common. They are full of challenges. They didn’t choose comfort, but the dangerous way. Also, they go to the office at eight a.m. and get off work at eleven p.m. They don’t hesitate to work after business hours. They usually enjoy reading books. Most of them read five books in a month. They plan for a new business with information in the newspaper or in magazines. The CEO of Ticketmonster, a famous Korean social commerce said, “Idea doesn’t come out without action. Do it, then agonize.”

 How to Gather Lots of Money!
-Save Money!
Many university students think that how to spend money is not a big problem because they can’t earn much money. Maybe you know the proverb “Many drops make a flood.” This proverb means that every little bit of spending wastes so much money. You have enough money for buying something, and it is so cheap. You will naturally take out your wallet. This example shows how uselessly we spend money. Each instance of consumption doesn’t need large money, while the sum of interactions needs plenty of money. Little laziness and lacking in patience cost an arm and a leg. To be rich, you should cut down your needless expenses.

-Write your housekeeping book
As you see above, the sure method to gather money is “not to waste your money.” To keep this, it’s important to know where your money goes? Hyun Young, a famous female entertainer in Korea, is also famous for her investment techniques. She insists that keeping a housekeeping book makes you rich. Just to know where you spend money can give you great restraint. To chase your detailed records of spending money, you can easily find consumption patterns. Keeping s housekeeping book every day can be too hard. Sometimes, you could forget to keep it. If you are in this case, don’t try to keep your past records. It causes you a huge amount of stress to keep it and it gradually disrupts you too much. Therefore, just throw away past records. Start again from now. One more tip to keep it is not to record it in detail. For example, when you buy socks, pants, or T-shirts, record all these things in one category, “clothes.”

-Split your bankbook
Usually, most of you manage your bankbook in only one bankbook. However, since you know that some money is in your bankbook, you want to spend it. Therefore, an efficient way for management is splitting your money to meet your purpose no matter how little money it is. Simply, you can split your bankbooks for pocket money, earning, living expenses, installment, and emergency fund. This helps you to spend your money in those categories.

 Where Has All The Money Gone?
The CBNU Globe got answers for the question of “When do you feel that you have wasted money?” As a university student, most of us could have done the same mistakes and been full of regret. Check out what they are, and be aware of not repeating them next time!

- I bought clothes from an online shopping mall. The size didn’t fit me but I was too lazy to get a refund. I don’t even know where the clothes are.
- I got up late so I had to take a taxi. I know I have to get up earlier, but my body doesn’t work…
- In the beginning of summer vacation, I paid for an English Academy and a health club. But for both I only checked them out for three days…
- I cannot ignore the stores when something is on sale. I always stop by if I need something. Maybe that is why I have the same color of eyeshadows.
- When I met my friends, I had no need to buy dinner, but I did, just because I was happy.
- I paid my money for an online game. I don’t play that game anymore!!!
- For my ex-girlfriend, I bought her food, coffee, clothes, flowers, and perfume… But now, she is gone.

 Keep Up Your Money Safely!
University tuition is skyrocketing year by year. Paying lots of money is creating pressure for both students and their parents. Also, to buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and to do their hair, university students sure need lots of money. It is hard to stop spending because every single thing seems worth it for you. So then, spending less money for a wise purpose is important! Let’s find out what you can do for your tight budget.
As a student at CBNU, there are many scholarships you can get. There are more than 190 different kinds of scholarships, and about 70% of students have the benefit of it. Let’s find out what you are missing!

- Excellent Grade Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who have good grades and behave well or who are in poverty.
- Self-Improvement Scholarship: If you have improved your English grade in the past two years, you can get it once. Each test has a certain minimum guideline.
- Value Improvement Scholarship: This is for the students who passed exams such as the civil service examination, bar examination, or CPA test. There are tons of people who take these exams, so it is very difficult to pass. Respecting their hard work to achieve what they want is an honorable thing.
- Chungwoon Scholarship: The Chungwoon Scholarship is for students who are in difficult situations: a student who is the household breadwinner, who just got out of foster care, or a North Korean defector, for instance.
- Family scholarship: if more than two family members study at CBNU, be aware of this scholarship!
- Grand Person scholarship: From the Career Development Center, there is the Grand Person Project, which guides students on what to do for their uncertain futures. Also, if you achieve a belt that fits your level, it supports you with a scholarship.
For more information, you can visit www.jbnu.ac.kr. Also, from outside of CBNU, there are many foundations which support students’ tuition! For more information, visit www.dreamspon.com and www.janghakm.com! You can apply for all the different conditions and targets.

 Challenge yourself with a blog!
Nowadays, consumers get information from social network services instead of TV ads, since they are written by ones who actually tried items. The stores and restaurants try to expose themselves through SNS. If you are interested in blogging, it can be a very productive hobby. In particular, there are “business district supporters” around CBNU. If you visit stores or restaurants around CBNU for your blogging, they offer you some extra benefit for free. All you need to do is take many pictures and report an honest review on your experience that people may be curious about! It has no limit of field, including cosmetics, restaurants, academies and so on. Why don’t you look it up for your best interest!

 Being Rich from the Depth of Your Heart
Have you ever heard the story of Scrooge? He is from Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. He was the most vicious penny-pincher and people in town hated him. One day, he saw his future after he would have been dead. People were happy about it. “What a worthless life I have lived!” he regretted. Afterward, his personality changed. He gladly donated his money to the poor and helped people in need. Not only helping others, but also himself, he became happier. Having billions of money on you can be a very meaningful thing. However, sharing what you have can be more beautiful. Nowadays, people who have lots of money take the lead in sharing what they have.

The richest guy in the world is known as Bill Gates from Microsoft. He owns more than 76 billion dollars even though he has donated 38 billion dollars. In the mid-90’s, Bill Gates founded a foundation named after himself and his wife, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation invests heavily in curing the infectious diseases such as polio, HIV, and malaria. Also, it takes care of education, medical development, and all the basic humanitarian issues. He is practicing noblesse oblige, which means that power, wealth, and prestige come with responsibility. Instead of putting up his money in a bank deposit, he widely spread the love with money as a tool.
Not only Bill Gates but also so many people are returning their money to society, for example, schools named after the founder such as Johns Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon University. Also, not too far away, in Jeonju, there is an annual visit of a faceless angel in Nosong-dong. Every Christmas season, an unknown phone call comes to the police station, saying, “There is a box on the playground. Please come pick it up and help who needs it.” After 15 years in a row, the total is more than 300 million won. The money has been used for the poor in Jeonju. Nobody knows who he is; however, people were inspired by him, and the 2nd and 3rd faceless angels appeared to help others. Sharing what you have with others can make the world more beautiful.

As you can see above, to be rich requires exertion. It isn’t easy to be rich in a comfortable way. That’s why there are few rich people around us. It’s important to earn a lot of money and save lots of money. However, to enrich your heart can lead you to be a real rich person. According to Han Dong-chul, a professor who teaches a class called “Affluent Studies” at Seoul Women’s University, said that 30% of rich people can’t sleep deeply because of their stress about losing money. This fact informs us that not only how to earn or save money but also how to spend money is important to be really rich. Let’s be “real” rich, not “just” rich.

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