Cheer up! You are a big student!
Cheer up! You are a big student!
  • Park Ye-seul, Reporter
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Recently, an article reported that major corporations ranked CBNU in the Top 10 for public company success. In the situation of decreasing recruitment of new employees, this result is an oasis which encourages students from local universities.
Lee Yun-surn in Human Resource Development Center of CBNU said, “The Great Person Project and ‘lifelong guidance professors’ help students to overcome their employment difficulties.” Through various programs, each university perseveres in its efforts to overcome recession and to raise talents of students.
For you, let the CBNU Globe introduce the job programs in Woosuk University and Jeonju University and compare them with the programs in CBNU.
l      ‘The Woosuk Champ’ in Woosuk University
For students, The Woosuk Champ helps the students to set up their goals and to do active exercise in campus and out of campus. ‘The Woosuk Champ’ grants the students mileage based on performance.
First of all, the ‘Basic Course Program’ forms the students’ community values, which they are able to share in the society; this program involves human development activities, volunteer activities, leadership activities, and motivation activities. In addition, the ‘Competitiveness Course Program’ raises talents of the students in the global era by extra-curricular activities, record of awards, overseas internships, language courses, and cultural experiences. Finally, the ‘Professional Course Program’ cultivates students’ professional abilities. In other words, the student tries to obtain certificates, to improve achievement activities, and to practice or do internships in the industry.
l      ‘The STRAT program’ in Jeonju Universiy
The STRAT program is a special career education program based on the qualities of challenging spirit, competence, and community spirit. The program consists of a point system and a track system. The former gives the students certain points according to the result they output in their participation in activities. Gathering the points they built up, the students catch incentives through the program. The latter also encourages the students to have confidence and to set up individual goals. In addition, it gives benefits to the students who achieve their goals.
* How does 'The Great Person Project’ in CBNU differ from the above two programs?
- The program runs step by step in each grade.
All of the three programs perform on a point system. So, they pay points according to academic talent, exercising leaderships and interpersonal relationships. All programs provide global talent within the society in various fields. They all have similar components of overseas training or achieving certification as well as goals for personal accomplishment or relationships.
Unlike the other two programs, however, 'The Great Person Project’has distinct benefits.In the case of a freshman who doesn’t know well about the program, how does the school help? The answer is clear. The point system is divided into five categories. These categories enable you to recognize what to do and they show where you are.
Above all, the program runs step by step in each grade. The Career Development Belt in this project requires that students manage their careers by stages, completing minimum items each year. The belt has four different colors according to stages — white, yellow, blue, and red — and students can only get the next belt after meeting all the requirements for a prior belt. Furthermore, the school gives black belts to students who, after obtaining the red belt, have sufficient qualifications.
-       Use the saved points like the license of an employee.
The Woosuk Champ helps the student to set up their goals and to do active exercise. The students spend mileage to go abroad or to win a scholarship. Their mileage is like money.
But the points of ‘The Great Person Project’ in CBNU aren’t used as money. The more the students act, the more they save points. This system guarantees that seniors use the points like a license of an employee after graduating.
Then, what is the effect of 'The Great Person Project’? You can win a scholarship and receive recommended documents the president approves, and it helps you to begin a work after graduating. The era wants global, multi-talented employees. Most students set up the employment goals. We try to be a multi-talented global employee, step by step. Are you ready? Cheer up! You’re a big student!

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