The Reason that I Love ‘Trip’
The Reason that I Love ‘Trip’
  • Kim Seol-won, Editor in chi
  • 승인 2009.09.07 18:05
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Abruptly, I used to feel an impulse of ‘wanderlust’ without notice. I would like to leave for an unknown place, putting aside all my work and boring daily routine. This thinking seems to come more than 10 times a day in this year. Recently, I feel very bitter if the meaning of ‘trip’ changes into ‘escape’, because I have an overwhelming urge to go somewhere when I feel that I have heavy responsibility sometimes and get stressed and frustrated by matters around me.
When I was a high school student, I had been dreaming of a freedom to leave for the unknown world, for the romance of campus life. And when I became a university student and obtained the freedom, I could taste a genuine catharsis of happiness. When young, I considered ‘trip’ as just ‘vague longing’ but now, ‘trip’ becomes a reason that I must live, and I make money as a tonic for my life. Why do I always dream of breaking away from the routine of daily life, namely, of a ‘trip’?
Leaving for the exotic place excites my curiosity. It makes my heart flutter to explore the place in which I have been interested, to set a date and think about an itinerary. And when putting a plan into practice, I can feel a stronger sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than from any other things.
And the meaning of ‘trip’ is ‘challenge’ and ‘adventure’ for me. I used to meet many variables in the middle of a trip. Variables can be either ‘hardship’ and ‘opportunity’ but if I willingly accept it, it comes closer as a ‘precious memory’. Sometimes, there was a time when I waited through facing an ordeal. If I withstood a severe ordeal in a strange area, I gained so much confidence, saying, “I can easily overcome an ordeal in my daily life.”
Also, ‘trip’ can lead to natural human emotions. Smiling, crying, pleasure, sadness…… humans can express their own feelings and be in sympathy with the feeling of others, but I don’t seem too honest about the real feeling of humans. Huge nature provides me with a sense of awe and strangers’ consideration provides me with a satisfied expression in the middle of traveling. It is so beautiful to feel a natural emotion.
Clearly, the attractiveness of a ‘trip’ varies from person toperson. Meeting various people not only shows the infinite world to me but also makes me pursue a wide worldview.
I would like to recommend to be ‘free’ and take a ‘trip’ with close friends. It is good to go to the surrounding countryside as well as backpacking overseas. You can find something that you have not ever looked at. If you would like to know and love yourself, don’t hesitate and just go! But routine life and trips to exotic places can’t be separated. We never forget this: I must return to my ordinary life and I must acknowledge that reality becomes basic in order to take a trip.

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