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Elders sometimes emphasize their youth. When I drink with my grandfather, he says, “When I was young…” Lots of publications and famous sayings tell why youth is important for reason of the young’s infinite passion, possibilities and health. Among these opinions, I want to share one great idea.
Most famous researchers and inventors accomplished their brilliant achievements before they were 30 years old. The Fields Medal, a prize given to a celebrated mathematician, even set an age limit: only a person under age 40 wins this prize. This means that it is hard for people over 40 to think creatively and to accomplish a brilliant achievement. Then, I pondered why youth can come up with creative and brilliant ideas.
The most important reason is that the young go to school. School is a kind of society. Youths are members of that society, and they shares information about their own cultural lives. Since their cultures are freer than others, they can be made to think with liberal minds. However, they do not have any technique to realize their creative ideas. They need to learn more and more.
After graduating, they would be in jobs and have abilities to realize their ideas. Although the workplace is also a kind of society, they have no choice but to live limited lives because of the money. Most of their great ideas come from their experience in school. The older they grow, the less they think of creative ideas.
Furthermore, students are the main consumers in the entire society. They lead trends by consuming unique and creative things. For this characteristic of the young, the criteria of the best idea is focused on students’ (or the young’s) favor. As I can only know about myself well, the young only can know themselves well. Then they can come up with great ideas that are appropriate for them.
Lastly, since they are learning, they can come up with great ideas. Imitation can be a basis of creation. In the process of imitation, we can think of better and even more creative ideas. Learning is the same as imitation. We can say that learning is a kind of imitating old information. In the process of learning, the young can think better and create idea that ancestors didn’t think of, ideas that are appropriate to their circumstances, such as society and culture.
I’m not saying that elders’ words are detrimental to our lives. Since elders have more experience than the young, their words rather help our lives in handling problems. What I really want to say is that youth is the most precious time among the entire life. Luck favors the prepared mind. I think that luck is a great idea. If we do not prepare techniques to realize our great ideas, though, we just miss the chance. I wish for every young person, including me, to be devoted to this time: youth.

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