Who Comes First in Running?
Who Comes First in Running?
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If you live in Korea or have a Korean friend, you might be asked what your “ddi” is. The Chinese zodiac sign, represented by an animal, is called “ddi” in Korean. It doesn’t mean a belt, which is pronounced completely the same in Korean. However, the “ddi” above refers to the Chinese zodiac sign and its animal. Let’s look into these animals deeply.

 What Is the Chinese Zodiac sign?
Each animal in the zodiac represents the year when a person was born. In the ancient Orient, there was a custom that checked the forthcoming year and told the fortune for the New Year. Since the Zodiac sign came from China, lots of countries in East Asia use the zodiac sign besides Korea. From the Unified Silla period, the ancestors used the year of birth and its animal to plan an auspicious wedding and to tell the fortune of babies.

Who Lined up the Animals in Regular Sequence?
A long time ago, a god made the world. During the break time in making the world, the god heard sounds of noise. He stared down from the sky and heard a quarrel. The animals on land had a quarrel as they each said they were the best animal among them. The god had a suggestion to the animals. “Hey, animals! How about setting up a rank of how you come on the first day of the year?” The animals all over the land looked forward to the coming day. As soon as the day dawned, the animals ran and ran. The kinds of animals are various, like fleas, cows, sheep, and so on. After walking for a while, the ox was very slowly but steadily reaching the terminal point. However, when the ox passed the finish of the race, the rat jumped on its back and ran, beating out the ox. As a result, the rank of the race was established as follows: crafty rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, and pig. After that day, the god made the 12 animals as gods signifying time.

 Another Interesting Story about the Year of Animal
Since ancient times, the 12-animal system has signified the times and directions. People divided 24 hours a day into 12 parts with two hours. These 12 animals managed to guard the 12 directions containing North, West, South and East. The 12 animals each represent two hours, which reflect the characteristics of each animal.

  • 11 p.m. ~ 1 a.m. The rat alone works busily.
  • 1 a.m. ~ 3 a.m. The ox chews the cud.
  •  3 a.m. ~ 5 a.m. The tiger saunters about the forest. 
  •  5 a.m. ~ 7 a.m. The rabbit takes a walk.
  •  7 a.m. ~ 9 a.m. The dragon sprays the rain.
  • 9 a.m. ~ 11 a.m. The snake wakes up.
  • 11 a.m. ~ 1 p.m. The horse runs in the field.
  • 1 p.m. ~ 3 p.m. The sheep plucks grass.
  • 3 p.m. ~ 5 p.m. The monkey exercises his talent.
  • 5 p.m. ~ 7 p.m. The chicken returns to his home.
  • 7 p.m. ~ 9 p.m. The dog barks when he sees the sunset.
  •  9 p.m. ~ 11 p.m. The pig starts to sleep.

12-Animal System Keeps Guard of Cultural Heritage
- The cultural assets: the front garden of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the royal tomb, the roof, pillars, the eaves of the hanok… In ancient times, the ancestor believed that the 12 animals had a miraculous ability for looking ahead. Without the cow, they can’t conduct agriculture very well. The dragon is able to cause rain on the farmland and the dog can cast out an evil spirit. Animals do their own work like they are supposed to.
- The clock of the sun: In the Joseon Dynasty, King Se-jong wanted to make the illiterate public know the time. Even illiterate citizens could understand the pictures of the 12-animal system on the hemispherical sundial, which is a sun clock.

What is my luck in 2015, by http://www.fortune82.com/

The Year of the Rat: There will be so many changes for you. Generally, your lucky fortune is powerful. The important thing is human relations.

The Year of the Ox:  Watch your behavior carefully. Don’t rush. You should spend time with an easy and graceful attitude. Avoid new work. You will have luck with money.

The Year of the Tiger: Your fortune for the year will fluctuate considerably. Don’t miss various opportunities to carry it out. August will be the most fortunate month.

The Year of the Rabbit: You can be full of energy in 2015. Also, you can achieve enough of your goals. You will be in luck’s way after April.

The Year of the Dragon:  A reliable person to help you will appear this year. You can get great opportunities in the rainy season or snowy weather.

The Year of the Snake: A rival will follow the work you want. Cope with your rival well. Petty quarrels can be expanded. However, you will win through in the end. Try to empty your mind and manage your heart.

The Year of the Horse: You can show your ability in some fields. You will have work to help other people and luck with money, so you will get more profit than usual.

The Year of the Sheep: This will be a period of both wealth and honor. Every plan of yours will turn out just right.

The Year of the Monkey: As time goes by, you will get even luckier and more fulfilled in every aspect. Ask for opinions and help from people when having a hard time to decide something. Moreover, singles will be lucky in love.

The Year of the Rooster: No specific changes will be made to your luck. You may stay quiet. In March, you may have a connection with a foreign country.

The Year of the Dog: Many changes will occur and disappear. If you make plans well, you can be envied by other people.

The Year of the Pig: If you learn a new thing in March or April, there will be great achievement. Also, there will be an opportunity to make health better.

Although it is just an animal based on year, lots of people use the year of the animal in various kinds of situations which read their fortunes and ask their ages when they first meet. Since the zodiac sign is meaningful in Korea, you should know about it. And then, it will be better for you to think and make a plan for your future. Everyone can make a bright start for the year. Way to go, 2015!

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