You will see more than whatever you imagine
You will see more than whatever you imagine
  • Jeon Yeon-hee
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What are you going to do during this summer vacation?
Do you have any plans? How about going to travel in America!
I'd like to tell you about my travel in America.
The summer vacation is coming soon. Let's enjoy it.
The West of the U.S.A.
Last year, I stayed in Canada for a year to study English. At that time, I made a plan for a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a week. From 11th to 17th of August, 2008, I traveled there alone. It was very difficult for me to be alone during the trip. You know, it was too lonely. However, it has become a special memory for me.
Before I visited L.A., I thought that it was the most gorgeous city in the world. What do you think about L.A.? Maybe it occurred to you that Hollywood is the best place there. Due to that reason, I felt very disappointed, because Los Angeles was very gray, lonesome, and calmer than my expectations. My first impression of L.A. made me depressed. Despite my feeling, I was fired up because of being in Los Angeles! The first day of my trip, I just walked around the city. I went to the farmer's market, the grove and the Walk of Fame. I saw many handprints, for instance, Will Smith's, Johnny Depp's and Daniel Radcliffe’s (Harry Potter). There were many people who imitated superstars like Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, or Heath Ledger.
When I went to Hollywood, I met one couple who wanted to take a picture of me. After helping me out, they asked me, "Are you Japanese? We love Japan!" See? People are very interested in Japan; not only Japanese people, but also foods and cultures. I don't know why I felt very uncomfortable at that time. "No, I'm Korean. Thank you for your help!" As soon as I got that question, I responded and I could recognize that couple's feeling. They also were disappointed.
The second day of my trip, I got to the Universal studios.
Have you ever heard about Universal Studios? It was one of my dreams. In my humble opinion, it is the greatest theme park in the world. I could enter the studio at 9 a.m. If you go, I really recommend you three rides.
First of all, when you get there, you must take the studio tour. When you take it, you can see how Hollywood magic really happens. I could see CSI and Steven Spielberg's “War of the Worlds” studio.
Next, I strongly recommend to you the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ ride!   I had confidence in myself to take these rides. However, it was really scary! That ride was more shocking than ever. It is a thrill coaster. If you dare, you can face heart-pounding special effects and unexpected twists at every turn!
Finally, I suggest that you must enter the ‘Water World’. I think it is the biggest show in Universal Studios. I can't express how wonderful it was! There were awesome stunts, explosions and an ocean of thrills! Stunts splashed water on us! Everybody got wet but nobody made complaints.
On the third day of my trip, I went to the Kodak Theatre and Getty Center. If you are on the top of the Getty Center, you can see all of L.A. It is the best place to watch how beautiful L.A. is. In the afternoon, I went to the Santa Monica Beach. Do you have any ideas about the beaches of California? Before you feel it directly, you can't imagine. It was the greatest sunset in my whole life. I bet I can't miss it forever.
On the fourth day, by Greyhound bus, I could arrive in Las Vegas after five hours. In Las Vegas, the average temperature was 40°C. I did not understand how people could live in Vegas! Anyway, I chose accommodation at the Sahara Hotel. It was located on the ‘Strip’. Actually, I wanted to stay in the Bellagio Hotel! However, a room at the Bellagio was the highest-priced in Vegas.  The Bellagio is the best hotel in Las Vegas, in my opinion. The most famous show in Vegas is the fountain show in front of the Bellagio. It was amazing! Most people couldn’t take their eyes off it. Even though the sky was getting dark, people tried to go around Vegas until the next sunrise.
* The East of U.S.A.
After  six months, in January 2009 I traveled to New York City. At that time, a snowstorm came and the temperature was around -19°C. It was even too hard to use the transportation. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to leave Toronto to New York on the fifth of January, but all of the buses were canceled due to snow.
The day after, I could take the first bus of the day. It took a long time to go to New York from Toronto by bus. I spent about 13 hours in the bus. I would be mad if I spent more than 13 hours. Anyway, after arriving in New York, it had become dark! I just looked around. There were lots of races of people. I felt that New York is different from any other city on earth. 
The second day of my trip in New York, I went to the Natural History Museum. It opened at 10 a.m. and the admission fee was about $15.00. Do you know the movie Night at the Museum? The Natural History Museum is the background of that movie. There are also lots of historical exhibits of nature in America.
Also, I enjoyed Central Park. It is well-known for its wonderful views in New York. In the night, I visited the restaurant Dallas BBQ to have dinner. This restaurant is very famous in New York. I suggest that you should be there once if you have a chance to go to New York. After having dinner, I went to the top of the observation deck of Rockefeller Center. It is located in the GE building. When I got to the top, it was getting cold. It was even hard to take pictures.
The third day of travel, I went to the Statue of Liberty. I needed to take a ship to approach the Statue of Liberty. When I got there, frankly, I was disappointed. The statue was very small and unclean. However I could see great pride of Americans there. At night, I changed my course from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square. There were many police from the NYPD! Have you ever seen the drama CSI? I love it. I used to imitate actors of CSI. Also, I recognized lots of neon signs. It was awesome! There was a huge sign of Samsung. How impressive it was! During that time, I was very proud that I am Korean.
On the fourth day of travel, I went to the collapsed World Trade Center. It was still re-building. People still remember the shock of 9/11. In the afternoon, I walked around Fifth Avenue. Lots of premium brands were there. Especially, I loved the Disney store. It was fantastic! Even adults love Disney World, like me. If you still like the fantasy world in the animation movie like Peter Pan, you should get to that store. And I watched a musical, Chicago. It was the first time for me to watch a musical. Oddly, I was nervous to be there. The story of Chicago was not so difficult to understand but it made me think carefully about real life. The street known for musicals, Broadway, was magnificent. What a dazzling street it was! You must go there to feel the honor of New York. 
That's all of my stories. I can't express enough how much
I'd like to tell you about my travels. In my thought, only if you get there can you feel whatever you want to get, see, find and think. I strongly suggest that you should have your own time to become a real adult through travel. I mean that, after traveling, I could realize the fact that I was so childish before I traveled alone. After traveling, I became more enduring and sensible. But I am still childish. You must go wherever you want. Just enjoy the summer vacation to get wonderful memories. Good luck to our youth.

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