Follow Your Emotion
Follow Your Emotion
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We all have a lot of emotions and express them when the situation and atmosphere of the moment allow us to do so. This is why we cannot simply define human beings as “animals of emotion.” Unlike a monkey who can't control himself, being overwhelmed by hate and fighting immediately when he sees his friend stealing his banana, we have the ability to conceal our emotion to some degree. As we grow older, this ability seems to become stronger. The ability to conceal emotions is well performed when we make a personal relationship.
Human relationship has always been considered as an important factor to live a successful life. In bookstores and libraries, more and more books advising on human relation skills have piled up. Without any doubt, they would list virtues such as sympathy, consideration, and altruism as requirements of keeping good relations with others. To practice them, moderation and self-control are necessary. When you talk with someone, some of you tend to think how the other person would feel and focus on the person's emotion more than your own emotion. Doing so is absolutely important in living our lives as social animals. However, if you continue to suppress your own emotion and to support the other person's emotion for being in good relation with him, you may get used to concealing your emotion. How unfortunate not to express your feelings which appear spontaneously and instinctively from deep inside of you! This makes you even not know what you feel. At worst, you would fail to find the happiness inside of you which you ultimately seek. When a woman avoids eating and vomits after eating, we say that she suffers from anorexia. Just like this, in the condition of ignoring your numerous feelings, you may end up avoiding the feeling of happiness involuntarily, causing you to get “happiness anorexia.”
The phrase “emotional labor” was newly coined in this modern society full of newly created jobs in the service-sector, such as telemarketers and customer service representatives. I often encounter news or articles of them, like how one of them committed suicide or how 38% of them suffer from depression and social phobia. Why do these tragedies happen to them? They should suppress their emotions most of their business hours. Dealing with customers with their ridiculous complaints face by face or on the line, they should control what they want to say and what they feel. Doing this, they can't release their emotions. Furthermore, they focus so much on others' feelings that they lose their emotions and have no idea what they feel at the moment. This is why they are placed in terrible situations like contemplating suicide or suffering depression.
Knowing what you feel right now and taking an action according to the feeling is more important than you have thought. To live your life, you need to be concerned about your emotions and become the owner of them. As your body is yours, your emotion is yours, too.

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