Power That Leads CBNU
Power That Leads CBNU
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- The College of Engineering

If you walk up to three CBNU students and ask them what college they belong to, one of them will say the College of Engineering. Obviously there are lots of students who are majoring in engineering at CBNU. Engineering includes broad categories from mechanics to aerospace. In this issue, you will find out more about the College of Engineering.

 Welcome to the College of Engineering
The College of Engineering was founded in 1952 with four departments. Now, it has 16 departments and seven divisions. Some divisions are divided into departments. These departments, divisions, and faculty are located in nine buildings across the College of Engineering. There are more than 200 labs that are open 24 hours. The College of Engineering accomplished remarkable feats like its selection for a BK21 Business, LINC Business, and Engineering Education Innovation Center. It has been organized with the purpose of cultivating engineers who have comprehensive engineering design ability and think creatively.

 The Names of Departments are Odd!
-Department of Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering
This department went through a big crisis following the government’s policy to put stress only on heavy industry. However, due to the need for study in the fiber material field, it revived. Nowadays, a lot of students study to learn beyond textiles and organic and carbon materials.
-Department of Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering
Since 1951, this department has operated, founded from a department named Mining and Metallurgy. Since the beginning of engineering, resources have been processed. From gases under the sea to woods on the mountain, every part of nature could use materials. In the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering, students learns about those resources that have already been discovered as well as the resources that are expected to be exploited newly.
-Division of Biomedical Engineering
Many of you can guess from the name what this Deapartment does. The Division of Biomedical Engineering has two specialties, Healthcare Systems and Healthcare Information Engineering. In the future, there will be more elderly people in the world. Many of them will need medical equipment as they get older. Therefore, this division was founded to catch up with the need. In this department, they learn from human body to aid computer programming and simple human biology.
-Department of Quantum System Engineering
Max Planck, Neil Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein… these people represent the quantum system. Quantum refers to very little particles that are the base of every materials. The study of quanta has led modern physics from the beginning; however, it still needs to be studied more. Therefore, CBNU decided to establish this department especially for the study of the quantum system. It has operated since 2014 with 15 students so far.

 “Believe It or Not” about the College of Engineering!
There is so much curiosity about the College of Engineering. To solve the curiosity, the CBNU Globe did two different simple surveys targeting the students of the Engineering College and other majors of students. More than 300 people answered for the survey, and the results reached some common opinions. Let’s find out what they were!
<From outside of the College of Engineering>
 Curiosity toward engineering students that may not be true:
- Do they drink and smoke more than other college students?
- Is it true that there is no place where flowers bloom?
- Is the study curriculum for them harsher than any other college?
- Does Areum-e, a dream girl who is the only girl in the College of Engineering, really exist?

 I envy this part of College of Engineering:
- The central library is close to the buildings of engineering.
- The Sports Day for Engineering seems very interesting. The opening parade is the coolest part.
- It feels like the students majoring in engineering will have good jobs after graduation.
- The shower booth and vending machine in the buildings of engineering are very convenient. Also, a convenient store is located in the middle of the engineering buildings.

<From inside the College of Engineering>
 Please don’t think of us like that!
- We are born solo.
- We eat every meal at First Husaenggwan.
- All of us are good at math and physics.
- All of us smoke and drink a lot. It entirely depends on the person.

In the survey, most students who majored in engineering wanted to be seen without prejudice. It is possible for them to feel women are more precious because they do not have many girls around. For instance, according to the survey, the worst gender ratio was five girls only out of 100 students. Please do not make a mistake that generalizes all engineering student by one person!

 What Subjects Do Engineering Students Learn?
No matter what college you go to, you always have a subject that you struggle with. This is no exception with engineering students. The funniest part is that the subject name shows the characteristics of engineering. The following are subjects that give students a headache.
- Why do people always study about moving things’ motion?
Whatever their majors, most engineering students learn at least one of the dynamics, such as thermodynamics or hydrodynamics. Physics is the study of moving things to make an equation or to apply it. Thus, engineering treats dynamics very importantly. Anywhere that has moving things is a sample of study for engineers, even inside your body or the universe!
- Who combined the subjects to make me flunk the test?
You cannot learn engineering through only one subject. Extending the study to related subjects is necessary. Therefore, there are many subjects that combine two or three subjects such as Physical Chemistry, Science Management, and Energy Electron. For students, this makes it twice as hard to learn.
- Welcome to the hell of team project; do we have to design?
Invention is considered a privilege of engineers. Therefore, students learn to create stuff as a team. Design subjects such as Digital System Design, Capstone Design, and Internal-combustion Engine Design require students to cooperate.
- Engineering is all about controlling and measuring
Engineering has a difference from natural science. Natural science researches a specific situation to conclude a theory, but engineering applies theories to prevent and predict the future. Therefore, measuring correctly and controlling sharply are the main factors to perfect engineering. Theory of Mechanism, Ground Measuring, Data Base and more subjects are related to measuring and controlling.

 Only at the College of Engineering
There are unique things that you cannot find anywhere else but in the College of Engineering. These are the main things that can only be done by the College of Engineering.
- Engineering Education Certificate
Many departments of engineering have specific study courses to get certificates. It is called the Engineering Education Certificate, which is a common world criteria from the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABBEK). It sets the classes students must take. It requires some picky courses, but after you take all of them, the certificate proves how hard you studied. Due to its difficulty, many students give up, but it still works as a good measure for companies.
- Sports Day for College of Engineering(Gonghak Chejoen)
In middle school and high school, you may have Sports Day. Likewise three days of Sports day is held by the College of Engineering. All the departments compete in soccer, basketball, ssiruem (Korean traditional sport playing in the sand) and even marathon. The opening ceremony is the greatest sight. Each department shows its characteristics. For example, Civil Engineering brings fork lift to show off their power and pride. Obviously, it is great festival for engineering students where everyone can get along together no matter what grade they are in.
- Business Incubator
The Business Incubator is a center for supporting prep of entrepreneurs or new founders. The Business Incubator is an organization that is supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration. It was established to discover hidden talents of students and foster them. A preparing entrepreneur or new founder who wants to build up his or her business idea moves into this center. This center provides comprehensive business service to them and supports development of goods and commercialization. It has various special equipment and makes the best of the research manpower and facilities in CBNU. It is located behind the Ninth Building of the College of Engineering. For more information, like on the living-in system or current state of enterprise, visit its website, https://bi.jbnu.ac.kr/.

 SNS Star in the College of Engineering
Have you seen the College of Engineering Dog on social network services like Facebook? A photo with a dog sleeping on a bench was uploaded on the Internet last year. Then the dog became a star with that photo. The dog is actually raised by the master of a copy shop in the College of Engineering. After that, the copy shop was packed with people who wanted to see and take photos with the dog. The dog is named O-Weol-I because the dog was born in May. It became a big hit to such an extent that it emerged with its own Facebook page, “Gong-Dae dog.” The dog is profiled on this page as doing work at a copy shop, studying in the College, and having been born in Jeonju. If you go to the shop to see the dog, be cautious! Do not touch O-Weol-I because he gets too stressed.

 24 Hours as an Engineering Student
-Morning: I went to the convenience store inside the Engineering buildings and had triangular-shaped kimbap for breakfast. I stopped by a copy shop next to the store because I should print a handout uploaded by my professor. I had to hurry up, otherwise I’d be late for school. I arrived, and many students were already sitting in the classroom.
-Afternoon: Lunch time! I went to the First Husaenggwan just like yesterday. I don’t have much time to go out Old Gate, so it is easy to eat lunch here. I felt sleepy after lunch but still I had an experiment class. I couldn't remember where I put my lab coat. My major books are filled with English. Oh, my English ability is not good enough to read major books!
-Evening : I have to finish my report by tomorrow but no one can understand the contents of a class. One of my friends said to me, "I'm going drinking, are you coming?" What the heck! We went to the pub with friends. I'm worried about tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter now!

From what we've seen up until now, it is obvious that engineering students will lead Korean industry. Do you still think that the College of Engineering is a boring and desolate place? From now on, why don't you overcome your bias and become interested in the College of Engineering? Cheer up, engineering students!

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