May you be happier tomorrow
May you be happier tomorrow
  • Yeo Kyung-hee, Editor
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Many universities’ atmospheres are getting harsher due to the continued tuition increases, employment problems, etc.
Now, where can we find the university students who enjoyed the school years filled with romantic ideals and aspirations? From March 6 to 19, Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Society (YeSS) conducted a survey of ‘Happiness Sustainability Index (HIS)’, targeting 2249 students in 32 universities arranged by the Economic Research Institute for Sustainable Society (ERISS). Their average score was 75.9%, 3.9 percent higher than a survey targeting 1000 Koreans. It may mean that many university students still feel happy in their campus.

Similarly, The CBNU Globe researched Geonjians’ happiness index through surveying 300 students. They were asked how happy they feel on campus. Of those, 235 students said they are happy now, while 65 said they are unhappy; among the latter group, 10 have ever felt suicidal.
Kim Jung-hoon, a junior in the Department of Social Welfare, is an exchange student from Kyungpook National University in Daegu. During the first semester, he had a great time doing many things with Geonjians. When we asked what he thought about Geonjians’ happiness, he said, “The students in CBNU seemed not to have serious worries, so I felt they were happy.”
“They could afford to relax compared to those in Daegu,” Kim said, “so I sometimes felt they were unadoptable. But I love them and the professors in CBNU.”
To the final question, ‘What do you think is the most important for happy campus life’, he answered that it was a very nice question. “Doing things each one wants,” Kim added, smiling. “Life is very short. I will be afraid of any change after I am employed and get married. I’m worried of many things that I can’t do after I’m employed and married.”
“We can do anything now,” Kim said. “There are too many students who don’t have any goals. While I did something I wanted, I felt tired and depressed. However, I was happy evenly, I knew. It is the most important, isn’t it?”

You need to keep in mind Louis Pasteur’s saying, ‘Chance favors the prepared mind’, add Dostoyevsky’s saying, ‘Happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it’. It is the key of happiness to be aware that you will be happy and enjoy your life aggressively. As many people said, happiness is ultimately up to your habitual mental attitude.
We expect more Geonjians to answer that ‘I am very happy’ in the next survey.

How to Be Happy -20 Tips That Really Work! from Michelle Rowley, author of Personal Growth Strategies. Among these, I picked up five tips that include well-known issues for Geonjians.
1. Live your values. Be true to yourself. By living your life according to your values, you will develop an attitude of true acceptance of yourself. You will realize that you are fine the way you are. You may choose to make some changes in your life simply because you realize that you have greater potential than you have utilized so far.
2. Live in the present moment. Remember that life is finite. The author Henry Miller once said, "Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such." The only moment in which we can truly be happy is the present moment. The only moment over which we have control is the present moment. So be happy now! Because if not now, then when?
3. Control what you can control. Cultivate the feeling that you are in control of your own destiny. Happiness can be enhanced by maximizing the control you have over your life. So learn and practice skills such as problem solving, time management and meditation and communication. At the same time, however, no one has complete control, and so it is also important to be realistic and to accept that over which you have no control. Accept what you can't control. And learn to change problems into opportunities for growth and development.
4. When a problem arises, see what you can learn from it. Everything you do and every person you meet, in every situation, presents an opportunity to learn, change and grow. Every situation you find yourself in can be a great opportunity to expand yourself. There is always something to learn from a problem. This is the same for problems in a relationship. Look at problems as challenges to learn and grow from both for yourselves and your relationship.
5. Ensure you get adequate sleep, rest, exercise and water.
Listen to your body and what it is telling you. You need to take care of yourself and this also involves getting plenty of rest, drinking at least eight glasses of water each day and use relaxation and/or meditation strategies. Exercise regularly. Exercising produces endorphins or "happy" hormones.

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