Young CEO, Lee Sang-min Just give it a try! If you are ready
Young CEO, Lee Sang-min Just give it a try! If you are ready
  • Hwang Hyo-jung, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2009.07.01 12:54
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Who is Lee sang-min, a ‘Young CEO’?
: He is a student who is now on leave of absence from CBNU.
He is the 28-year-old ‘Young CEO’ of a breakfast delivery company. He has about 20 employees and about 300 members. He has received a lot of attention from the media. And also he has been interviewed many times.

We met him one Friday afternoon at his company. His company wasn’t as large as we expected, but we could feel his and his co-workers’ passion and effort.

1. How were your school days?
: Most of university students are enjoying their school lives and their youth. But I was different from those common students. I was interested in social matters. So I wanted to do something related to them. I decided to apply for a temporary absence from school. Then I delivered newspapers, merchandised accessories, worked in fast-food restaurants, and so on. After being discharged from the army, I returned to social life again, not to school life.

2. What made you promote a breakfast delivery company?
: When I was in Seoul for my work, I suffered from stomachaches terribly. That made troubles for my work. After that happened, I realized the importance of breakfast. And I wanted to give breakfast to many young people, who were in the same position like me.

3. What are the worst thing and the best thing as a ‘Young CEO’?
: Many people considered me with prejudice. That is the worst thing I’ve had. Many people only look at my successful life. They pass over my efforts. For example, I actually sleep just two or three hours, and I usually have nose bleeding because of my tired days. But many people don’t know about that, and they look at me with just envious eyes. Besides, the best thing is only one. That is, I can do everything that I think. In other words, I can do everything without any interference. This is the only one thing, and very small thing. But it is a very big point of my life.

4. What is your own business principal and view of life?
: Most people spend their time to make a plan or to think about their plan and lives. But I just always give it a try. ‘God gave me an ability to practice what I’m thinking, not an ability of just thinking.’ This is the view of my life.

5. Many young people want to be a ‘Young CEO’. What do you think about that?
: In the case of the food service industry, for example, the percentage of success is about 0.6. In other words, if someone wants to succeed, he or she must be able to control himself or herself thoroughly. Also, they must have their own specialty that can help achieving their aims. In a word, they must prepare their mind to jump down a vertical cliff. If anyone doesn’t prepare their mind like that, I won’t recommend the business.

6. What is your desire and aim as a ‘Young CEO’?
: First, in the breakfast business, I want to raise my company as a national franchise. After that, I will introduce Korean food to the world. And finally, I hope to carry on a food, clothing, and shelter business that can help our lives to become happier and healthier.

7. What do you want to say to Geonjians who want to be at the top in their lives?
: I’d like to say ‘there is a long way to go’. In these days, university students want to be personnel of a large enterprise or public service personnel in high ranks. These are really ordinary vocations, and it is hard to achieve what you want. But successful men don’t set a goal like that. Suppose that you are in a part-time job. But if you study to be the top, practicing and doing your best, you can be the best. Furthermore, you can be the top in every field.

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