A Train Full of Happiness
A Train Full of Happiness
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It was such a sunny day. My friend and I planned a trip after the mid-term exam, taking a train from Jeonju station to Gokseong station for about an hour. The scenery outside the window was so peaceful and calm! My friend had recommended that place to visit because of its beautiful scenery.
We arrived at Gokseong station and went to a train village at a reformed old station which is not in use anymore. In front of the old station, there was a big sign spelling Gokseong in Chinese letters. It had been kept just like a 1980’s station. Old trains were changed into pensions and restaurants to let people enjoy the peace of Gokseong.
Nowadays, we are using diesel engines such as in the Saemaul trains or electric power like on the KTX. Therefore, I was not familiar with one which emits steam coming from the top of the chimney. However, we could see Korea’s first locomotive named Mika, a black train with white steam coming out. It was carrying people only around the old station and kids were especially excited to take it. The train ride was so popular that the tickets were all sold out. Instead, a rail bike was available around the rose park. Lots of people were waiting for it, but I finally realized why people were waiting such a long time only after I got to ride it. I could feel the breeze with freshness.
The train village is also famous for its rose festival. The rose festival was held annually, but for this year, anyone can come and enjoy the beautiful sight. There were so many people even though it was not a festival period, and the rose park round the old station was so beautiful. Over 300 different kinds of roses were just about to bloom. The sunshine and water fountain made a big, beautiful rainbow.
Until the train heading back to Jeonju came, we had a couple of hours left. Walking along the big road, we reached Gokseong Village Saturday Market. The inside of the market was huge, but there were too many unnecessary empty spaces. When we walked out of the market, Sumjin River was waiting for us. The sunset was coloring the water with a shine and its warmness embraced me.
On the way back home at the station, I heard a family talking. The kid was talking to his dad about how wonderful it was meeting Tayo’s grandfather. (Tayo is a little bus from a Korean animation.) The dad told him, “You are here because your grandfather had me. Likewise, Tayo exists because Mika exists!” The family looked so happy, unified by talking about trains.
From the very beginning to the end of this trip, I felt so blessed to see this pretty scenery. It was only a day trip, but the beautiful and peaceful memory will last forever in my heart. Maybe the train I saw earlier was carrying a full container of happiness to me.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism designated 2014 as a year of visiting the Jiri Mountain area. Gokseong is nearby this area, so why don’t you ride a train heading for Gokseong before the summer vacation is over?

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