You can be an ‘it’ girl or ‘it’ boy!
You can be an ‘it’ girl or ‘it’ boy!
  • Bae A-rang, Reporter
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It is summer, when people wear revealing clothing and wild fashions. Everybody is buying new clothes and accessories and putting on makeup. But something is lacking even though you’re all dressed up.
There is something special that can fill the lacking - that is the hot item! Just one item makes you a fashionista. We’d like to introduce hot items for men and women that are emerging these days and give some tips to help you to be an ‘it’ girl or ‘it’ boy.

->’It’ girl (‘it’ boy)?
‘It’ girl (‘it’ boy) is a new word which first appeared in the fashion magazine Vogue. It means a woman (or man) who leads the fashion trend.


- Bangle
It is cumbersome to wear several pieces of jewelry in summer, because you sweat a lot and humidity is high. So many people love bangles, because they are easy to wear and they work well as fashion points. Colored stone bangles look good on casual clothes. Wear glittering jeweled bangles with a suit. It’s good to dress in achromatic-colored clothes when wearing a jeweled bangle. You can make your image more elegant and luxurious by highlighting with this ‘bling-bling’. And if you have plump arms, don’t wear thick bangles! They make your arm look thicker.

- vintage Bag

A vintage bag is a must-have item in summer. A natural color is mainstream for this bag, such as brown, dark green or black rather than primary colors. In particular, big-sized fringe bags match short leather jackets, vintage denim pants and ethnic-style bracelets.
If you want to enjoy an ethnic-Bohemian mood, it is good to put on flat sandals in which fringe covers your top of the foot.



- Nude Shoes
When you wear a skirt or shorts, nude shoes make your legs look taller because of skin color. Nude shoes are not easily affected by fashion trends and you can wear them for a long time. Also, your feet are always comfortable because the shoes have a design which covers the foot broadly with an ankle strap.
When you match pants with nude shoes, a bright color is prettier than a dark color.



Sunglasses are very important item in summer. In summer, you have to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. So it is good for you to wearing sunglasses.. Sunglasses are ‘health helpers’ which protect our eyes beyond fashion item.


Every woman has several scarves. Put a long scarf around your neck and hang it naturally.  Thin chiffon scarfs looks more womanly. You can be a sharp dresser using accessories with muffler.



- Horn-rimmed glasses
Horn-rimmed glasses make a man charming and intelligent.
It looks good on every clothes. You can look elegant with horn-rimmed glasses that match a PK (Pique Knit) shirt or a colorful T-shirt. You can use this point to style up to a gentleman’s image.

- Fashionable muffler, scarf and slim tie

Mufflers and scarves are not women’s symbols any more. Fashionable mufflers and scarves are perfect when you don’t accent with patterns on your shirt or vest. They complete your smart style. Bye, normal necktie!


Camera is not just ‘tool of take a picture.’ It can be a luxury item. Camera makes you more intelligent and professional. How about going outside with camera? Sometimes you can take a beautiful scenery picture and sometimes match in your fashion item.



Fedora makes you ‘stylish’ regardless of heir-style of face shape. Basically, black, ivory and gray color fedoras good on every clothes. If you wear it to lean on side, it looks more casual.

-Big bag
Big bag is always useful, especially when you go to trip. It is convenient because you can put much luggage in the bag. And big bag upgrades your fashion and shows your individuality. You can create your style ahead of the trends by finishing with colorful big bags of trendy design.

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