Don't Let Your Camera Steal Your Moment
Don't Let Your Camera Steal Your Moment
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If you are a photojournalist or a photographer working in a corporation who should catch meaningful moments, it is necessary to carry your camera with you almost every day. In this digital era, we also live with cell phones which have camera functions. We can easily take pictures at some new place and with perfect timing. At any time you want, you can take out your cell phone from your pocket and take a picture of yourself with a beautiful scene or with a celebrity. Yes, it is good. It is good that we can catch the moment with a camera, and those pictures can help us reminisce about the old memories later. However, do you know that it is you who feel the atmosphere of the place, not your cameras?
This spring, I went to a park which is famous for its flowers. I was surprised that it was so crowded with people. What surprised me more was that most of them seemed to be busy to take selfies under cherry trees. I sat down on a bench and watched one of the couples for a while. They were absorbed in taking selfies. They took pictures and checked how they came out again and again. After finishing the 'photo ceremony', they started to find another spot to take photos, saying, "Where else can make us look good?" It seemed that they just were there to take photos, not to admire the view.
I remember an interesting research result which I heard from a high school teacher. Two groups of people were sent to the same beautiful place to travel. A researcher gave cameras to one group and said, "You can take pictures anytime you want." To the other group, he said not to take pictures and took all their cameras and cell phones away. After several months, he asked some questions one-on-one to make them remember the view and recollect their feelings. The result was interesting. He found out that the group with no camera showed a higher level of memory of the place and of their emotions than those who traveled with cameras. Also, they answered the question more easily.
Cameras sometimes can be a burden which can interrupt your comfort and satisfaction in some new place. I'm not saying "Don't take photos." Of course you can take pictures. I just want to say, if you are looking at a memorable scene such as a beautiful sunset or your children's dancing in the talent show, you'd do better to enjoy the scene with all of your heart rather than concentrating on pressing the shutter of the camera. Try to put the scene in your head and make everything of the moment come to you. Don't be too busy to take pictures. Seize the moment with your bare eyes.

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