The Place Where Leaders Are Made
The Place Where Leaders Are Made
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In the 31st issue, we introduced the College of Humanities. In this issue, we will introduce the College of Commerce. Recently, the Departemnt of Business Administration has been awarded the ‘Grand Prize of Business Education Innovation’ by the Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation. Its position at CBNU enhances day by day. In addition, there are many students who study the courses of the College through double major or minor. Therefore, in this issue, we will find out more about the College of Commerce which we have not acknowledged in detail as well as how it has developed and will develop in the future.

 Introduction of the College of Commerce
The College of Commerce is a place where students learn the theory and application of commerce. It was established in order to train in the expertise that can lead the national economy and global enterprises. For this purpose, the College of Commerce is equipped with a curriculum that suits the global standard and is doing its best to educate its students so that they can have international views and advance the society.
The College of Commerce building is divided into Pavilion 1, 2 and 3. These three buildings of the College of Commerce are located side by side on the way from the main hall of the College up to the Information & Computing Center. The first building is mainly composed of libraries and lecture halls. The second has lecture halls, department offices of each department and the Graduate School of Business Administration. The latest style building of the College of Commerce, the third building, consists of professors’ offices and lecture halls. As it is the newest building, many classes are carried out there.

 Introduction of Each Department
There are three departments in the College of Commerce in CBNU: Business Administration, Economics, and International Trade. The Department of Business Administration teaches knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing products and consumers, which are some of the elements of business administration expertise. The Department of Economics aims at training economic specialists. Therefore, its students study and acquire knowledge about economic theory and economic phenomena. The Department of International Trade teaches domestic economic flow, international business issues and knowledge of trade related affairs so as to train trade specialists.
Recently, the Departemnt of Business Administration was awarded the ‘Grand Prize of Business Education Innovation’ and was selected as the most innovative model among many universities that have acquired certifications in business administration studies. It was carried out by the Korea Association of Business Education Accreditation. Thus, the College of Commerce at CBNU has verified that its business education and student employment supporting programs are at the best level across the nation. In addition, the Department of International Trade acquired education certification in trade studies for the first time among the universities within Honam and Chungcheong area in 2010. The Department of Economics came in 10th in Korea in the Economics Department evaluation carried out by the Joongang Daily in 2011.

 What are they learning?
The students in the Department of Business Administration can choose between a major in Management and a major in Accounting as they become sophomores. The representative course out of mandatory subjects taught in the major in Management is ‘Marketing Management’. This subject is to understand and utilize financial information that might be a necessity for modern business. With this, students study analytic ability, business ethics, and so on.
The representative mandatory subject of a major in Accounting is ‘Organizational Behavior’. This subject, which is based on basic knowledge of business administration, is to understand the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations scientifically occurring within certain organizations.
In the Department of Economics, students study the subject ‘Microeconomics’ as a mandatory subject. This is a subject looking into consumer theory and producer and cost theory in depth to draw out demand and supply in the merchandise market. In addition, its students also learn how to make decisions with uncertain information. We can say that it is a subject to look into the structure of the market where demand and supply meet.
The Department of International Trade teaches ‘Foreign Trade Administration’ for freshmen in their second semester. This subject teaches trade contracts, international logistics, bills of lading, marine insurances and export insurances in accordance with the flow of trade affairs. The students can learn basic refinements and knowledge as international traders through the courses of subject.

 An interview with Uhm Joo-won, Student President of the College of Commerce
1. What do you think of the College of Commerce's pride?
First, the College of Commerce is famous for its beautiful landscape. In the spring, you can see the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom. Also, between the first and second buildings of the College of Commerce, there is Gam-namu Gol. Students often call it Gam Gol, and it is full of persimmon trees in autumn. Second, there are many employment clubs in our college. Many students who joined employment clubs are now working in well-known companies. In addition, students participate in various outside activities like contest exhibits and receive awards. I think students’ passion is the biggest factor of good results.

2. What do you want to say to the students in the College of Commerce?
The only thing I ask them is, 'Do as many things as possible'. I am not saying a grand challenge. Even setting a goal is a small challenge. Starting with small things can help to achieve your bigger goal finally. I also regret not having been more challengable. For this reason, the Student Council of the College of Commerce's motto is 'Infinite Challenge'. I will try to make an environment that helps the students’ try.

3. Please give some advice to freshmen.
Life in your 20s is full of new challenges and opportunities. Youth is the freshmen’s weapon. There are many things freshmen can do. Students know what they want to do, but they avoid adventures. I want to say, 'Never be afraid of failing'. Even if you fail to do something, try to see that experience as a stepping stone .

 Famous Spot in the College of Commerce
Every spring, cherry blossoms are in full bloom along the pathway which is next to the first building of the College of Commerce. The place is called Beotkkot-gil, which means the path of cherry blossoms. Early in April, when the whole way is covered with cheery blossoms, not only students but also local residents come and enjoy the warm sunshine and fragrant flowers. If you visit there at that time, you can see people taking photos and having snacks on the bench and vendors selling colorful cotton candy. Also, kids from kindergartens come there for picnics. To feel the energy of spring, come to Beotkkot-gil!

 Specialty of College of Commerce

- Geonji-hun
This is a classroom with the best facilities in the first building of College of Commerce, which is opened to students who prepare for national examinations to be CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), tax accountants, customs brokers and so on. Since students can study following well-organized programs, the college shows a high pass rate every year. For the latest CPA exam, the pass rate came in third among national universities. To study in Geonji-hun, applicants should pass a primary and secondary test run by the college and submit an internationally authorized language test score.

- English Presentation Contest
In this global era, students are demanded to have an upper level of English ability. Particularly, most students of the College of Commerce hope to work in an international company. Thus, it is important to apply their English skills to presentations. With this trend, the Department of Business Administration holds an 'English Presentation Contest' every November to give a chance for promoting self-improvement and confidence to students. In this contest, students give their presentations on subjects related to business. After they submit their presentation files, they go through preliminaries and finals. All students in this department can take part in the contest.

- Portfolio Contest
One more contest of the Department of Business Administration is the ‘Portfolio Contest’. The professors collect the students' portfolio and evaluate how well they are prepared for their desired jobs. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to assess themselves objectively by looking back at their past. With this chance, they can organize their experiences since they were freshmen so that they can realize how far they have reached toward their future jobs. This contest is open to all of the students in the department.

- Businessmen’s Day
Every May 22nd, the Department of Economics holds an event, ‘Businessmen’s Day’. On this day, all of the classes are cancelled and students gather to talk about their thoughts on a certain subject of economics on the basis of what they have learned. After they finish their presentations, a question-and-answer session follows, and they also have a discussion with many other students and professors. The winner of the discussion is awarded a prize. Also, famous economists visit and give lectures, which can arouse students’ interest in economics and make them understand it in depth. At the end of the schedule, they have a party with professors, graduates, and famous economists. All of them can enjoy the time chatting with new people in an informal atmosphere. With this chance, students not only get advice on their college lives or their futures but also set new role models.

- Visiting Enterprises
The Department of International Trade provides a program called 'Visiting Enterprises' every year. It selects one of the top companies in Korea and collects students who want to visit the compamy. In this program, students can get more detailed information about the company and have a chance to talk with the CEO during the tour of plant and head office. This helps students decide their career and find new visions on their lives.

We have learned about the College of Commerce up until now. Don't you feel like you will become a great leader when you graduate this College? Experiencing and trying as many things as possible in your youth is the key to success. There will be many chances which can change your whole life. Don't let them just pass you by.

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