Glasses: Wallowing in Something
Glasses: Wallowing in Something
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“I just need somewhere like a dead zone,” said a woman with glasses. She arrived on a tranquil island surrounded by a marvelous ocean. There were no unique attractions. She asked the owner of an inn what visitors did on the island. The owner answered, “Wallowing in the island.” I was confused to hear ‘wallowing’, which is defined as a meaningful action in the movie. So was the character. But she started to accept the action through people who assimilated with the ocean while looking at it.
Assume you have an entire week without any schedule. Some might think of reading the whole day or listening to music. The character also brought plenty of books, however she threw them out. A resident of the island told her, “We rarely read here.”
Every minute and second is a given moment to us. After the movie, I looked back at every moment of my life and thought of whether I was entirely immersed in each moment. I was always rushing. I pushed myself to memorize English words or read a book when I was on the fly. I even considered doing nothing as being lazy and felt guilty. In other words, I had no relaxation and misunderstood what it was. Once in a while, it is necessary to wallow in the view I exist in. It is not being idle but another way of enjoying valuable life. ‘Wallowing’ is a hobby and a break, just like a reading.
Food is also an important factor in the movie. It is defined as a meal everyone enjoys. Calmly cooking and enjoying the meal with others is shown in the movie. At first, the main character felt it was tiresome to have a meal with others and refused meal appointments. But after everything, she found how to savor a meal and always enjoy it with others.
We are used to having fast food and eating alone. Food is becoming a measure to make us stuffed. The movie emphasizes that food is not only pleasure but a delectable and enjoyable thing. Appreciating the flavor of food or looking out at a beach are considered indulgences nowadays. I was envious of people from the movie looking out at the beach sitting still.
On the way back to where she was going, she lost her glasses while looking at the view outside of the car window. She smiled, however, and the movie ended. How is it to wallow in some moment? If you do not know how to do it, I recommend for you to watch this movie. Recall a moment when you just wanted to relax and didn’t do anything such as listening to music even though you brought earphones. Just wallow in your relaxation!

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