So, What is Your Point?
So, What is Your Point?
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A few days ago, I was having breakfast at a fast-food restaurant while overhearing a couple’s conversation. They were sitting next to me and I could hear every word they said. A girl was talking about her friend who seemed to have a problem with her. In the middle of her talking, the guy asked, “So, what’s your point? Give me the bottom line.” “What bottom line? I am just saying what I want to say now,” the girl answered. With an annoyed look on his face, he said, “It makes me tired to listen to you when you keep saying something with no point.”
‘Knowing the point, is that so important? You guys are chatting with hamburgers. This is not a conference room!’ I thought to myself. While he was listening to every little thing about the person she talked about, such as her hairstyle, how she does in school, family background and so on, maybe he wanted to hear from her some specific plans like “I will do this to improve our relationship” or “I will never meet her so as not to make more troubles.”

I don’t want to regard ‘chatting’ just as a small talk which is carried out by motor mouths or as a talk which needs big solutions or plans. I think it is a process through which people relieve their stress, recharge their batteries, and heal themselves. It stimulates free association so that people can take loads off their minds talking about their emotions and thoughts which come to mind continuously.
In this world of efficiency and accuracy, when they talk, it has become important to organize thoughts and get them across to somebody with the most effective way in a very short time by all means. This kind of communication in the modern society tends to make us be alert every moment and feel pressure not to make mistakes while we have conversations. Paradoxically, with this trend, the value of chatting is increasing. Chatting has no purpose, no conclusion and doesn’t follow after efficiency. We don’t feel tired or nervous while chatting and we don’t expect it to give us a certain answer. Whenever I finish this daily chatting with my friends or family, I feel comfortable even though it was totally unproductive and my mouth went dry. It takes the pressure off and lightens my heart.
Also, chatting by itself has a healing effect. When people speak out whatever passes through their head without any careful considerations (this is called ‘free association’), wounds hidden in their unconsciousness can be healed in spite of themselves.
If my life were some sentences, chatting would be commas here and there in my complex and stuffy situations. I can pause with it and have a moment to get my breath back.
Oh, what’s my point? Well, I don’t know.

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