The Scents of Humanities Come into CBNU
The Scents of Humanities Come into CBNU
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Geonji report has covered a number of institutions at CBNU so far. However, students might have aroused a bit of curiosity or interest of other colleges as well as school institutions. Starting with the 31st issue of The CBNU Globe, this section will satisfy your curiosity by informing you of each college at CBNU. CBNU started with five colleges but now has 12 colleges. This fresh beginning starts with the College of Humanities. The humanities are studies searching for desirable ideological ground on introspection of the essence and existence of man. Let’s glance into the College of Humanities to smell the scents of humanities filling CBNU.

 Introduction to the College of Humanities
The College of Humanities was founded in 1951 with six departments. Now, it has 11 departments. These departments are located in two buildings of the College of Humanities. The first building has been in charge of four departments: Philosophy, Korean Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, and Spanish-Latin American Studies. The second building houses the rest of the departments: History, German Language & Literature, French Studies, Japanese Language & Literature and Chinese Language & Literature, Archaeology & Cultural Anthropology, and Library & Information Science.
The College of Humanities has been organized with the purpose of cultivating human resources. The importance of the humanities is emphasized day by day as the base of knowledge in the 21st century because the virtue and function of the humanities are required urgently in humans’ future. This College is constantly striving for the best in improving study, sophisticated education and community programs at the center of CBNU's long history.

 Applause for Honorable Alumna
A notable alumna named Choi Myung-hee was a graduate from the Department of Korean Language and Literature in 1972. She started her literary career in 1980. One of her novels called Honbul received attention after it was chosen in a novel contest for the Dong-A Daily News’ 60th Anniversary Celebration. She received remarkable reviews of the novel since it raised the standard of Korean literature through its description of Korean history and spirit. The ‘Honbul Literary Award’ was established to praise Choi’s soul and the mind of her novel.
She received a doctorate for literary work in 1997. Choi Myung-hee Literary Museum placed in Jeonju Hanok village displays the writer’s literary works and collections.

 For Your Unforgettable Memory!
There are many department clubs and events in the College of Humanities. Above all, we will introduce the four most distinctive clubs and events of the departments.
The Department of Korean Language & Literature has six clubs. One of the most representative clubs is 'Mom-Jit'. From the name of the club, you can infer that this club is performing plays. Mom-jit has shown many works every year beginning with the first play 'A small ball which a dwarf shot up' in 1984. They chose a novel with high awareness, and the novel was adapted for the stage by them. This is the unique feature of Mom-jit. The direction team, planning team and actors have collaborated on many plays every year.
There are various clubs in the Department of English Language & Literature. One of them is 'Mimesis', which performs an English play. Mimesis means an imitation of some work of art. Mimesis is used to playing out a farce. Unlike a tragedy, a farce is filed with the laughing of the crowd, so situations or characters are full of exaggerations and illogical notions. They hold a subscription concert every November and have performed plays regularly since 1965. They continue to win fans because their acting ability and direction is growing year by year.
The Department of Chinese Language & Literature also has a representative event. It is the 'Chinese Language & Literature Persons’ Feast' which is held annually in Fall. This event is composed of a department introduction, Chinese traditional instrument performance and Chinese play. Last year, they performed 'Kung Fu Panda'. All members of the cast were freshmen, but they acted with astonishing perfection.
In addition, the Department of French Studies has 'Beaujolais Nouveau', which produces a play and performance by students. Also, the Department of Spanish & Latin America Studies holds 'Latin Culture Night', which consists of a play, line dancing and salsa dancing, every Fall.

 Attraction of the College of Humanities
The College of Humanities is noted for the glorious tints of autumn foliage. There is a place in the College of Humanities called 'In Ben' by the students. 'In Ben' is short for the benches in the College of Humanities. Its surrounding environment is well organized and there are also various beautiful flowers, so this place is popular among CBNU students. You can relax both your exhausted body and mind at this place. This space was made through the 'Green Clean Movement of the College of Humanities' begun in 2003.
To praise Choi Myung-hee as a person who brought honor to her alma mater, 'Choi Myung-hee Hall' was built in the first building. This place was used for literary persons’ celebrations and a symposium space inheriting Choi’s literary spirit.
For most people, the College of Humanities Library is still a bewildering and alien place. The library is located on the first floor of the second building. The space was arranged for the students' academic ability improvement. During the exam period, this library is open 24 hours a day and has assigned seats. It is hard to find an empty seat at the library during the exam period, so you need to be diligent if you want to take a seat.

 Major Events
1. February: Regular admission orientation, College of Humanities Orientation
All freshmen and new students will have to attend orientation. You can meet almost all the schoolmates of this year and some seniors.
2. May: Mung bean festival; an athletic meeting
: This athletic meeting aims for strengthening the bond between the department members. Events consist of soccer, volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war, and so on. Each department plays against teams from other departments.
3. July: Volunteer work to help farmers during their busy season
: For a week, each department goes to the countryside. They help farmers to plant young rice plants or cultivate vegetables for a week. If you go to this event, you pass a subject called ‘community service’.
4. September: College of Humanities Festival
: All members of CBNU can enjoy this event in addition to the students in the College of Humanities. This event consists of a presidential performance, song festival and invited concert.
5. November: The great autumn soccer contest of the College of Humanities
: Each department plays a soccer game against other departments to promote friendship.

 Contests in the College of Humanities
1.French Speaking and Chanson Contest (La Nuit Blanche)
‘La Nuit Blanche’ is an annual event including a French speaking contest and chanson (French song) competition held every November. The topic of the French speaking contest is not fixed and participants speak about it for a minute or two minutes. In the chanson competition, the participants choose chansons they would like to sing. As well as first- to third-place prizes, participation and popularity prizes are awarded. Students from other departments are also able to participate in the contest. Snack time is given before the event and the freshmen’s performance is prepared for after the event.

2.Chinese Speaking and Presentation Contest
A Chinese speaking and presentation contest takes place every November in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Since the contest is for all CBNU students, it is also open to other college’s students. The contest seeks students’ improvement in Chinese language skill and also expects elevation of presentation ability. Through the preliminaries, only ten groups are selected for the final and prizes are awarded.

3.Spanish Writing and Speaking Contest
Every November, Spanish writing and speaking contests are held in the Department of Spanish-Latin American Studies. Participants in the contest are usually students of the department. In the Spanish speaking contest, students compete in two different teams divided by whether one studied abroad or not. The topic of the contest is not fixed, though sometimes the writing contest has a fixed topic.

4. National High School Writing Contest
The Department of Korean Language & Literature holds a National High School Writing Contest every year. This contest is aimed at high school students and held every October. The contest-winning high school students can apply to CBNU’s nonscheduled admission for special talents.

5. German Speaking Contest
German Language & Literature holds a speaking contest every second semester. This contest is held for students who are interested in German. The contest was created in an effort to overcome German Language & Literature speaking and speech fear.

 English Writing Center
Did you know there is an English Writing Center at the College of Humanities? This center is located on the fifth floor of the first building. This center was established to improve students’ English writing skills. Some teachers who have highly qualified writing ability proofread closely in this center. Students who want to correct their writings can visit the center. If you want your English writing ability to grow, visit the English Writing Center.

 <An Interview with Choi Go, Student President of the College of Humanities>
1. What do you hope for the students?
Nowadays, many students are intent upon acquiring certificates and preparing for jobs. They come to school bindingly without having interest in their studies. I find more fatigue than pleasure on their faces. To resolve this problem, I will lead students to enjoy various college events. During the events, I hope students show off their talents and passion without stress.
2. During your year as the student president, what kind of welfare will you promote for the students?
Personally, I think the role of the student council is handling troublesome work related to their college duties. I hope students focus on their studies and are not bothered with the unrelated duties. I will manage to solve the duties without students’ involvement. Providing products for students such as umbrellas, tents, and medicine will continue. I will also promote providing useful information about scholarships or jobs through the community page.
3. What characteristic did you find of students in the College of Humanities?
People I have met in the college are pretty logical. They tend to show their logic with proper assertion and reasons in an argument. In addition, believe it or not, they appear to be quiet and calm at first, but another side is hidden in them. However, when I become intimate with them, I understand their personal tastes and realize they are passionate students.
4. Please give some advice to freshmen.
For the freshmen, I hope they find themselves through four years of college life with a various process trial and error. Focusing on study is important. However, learning can be acquired not only through books but also through experience. I believe building up experiences through outside activities, exhibitions, part-time jobs, school clubs, and school events is a way to find your character.

Now we have heard all about the College of Humanities. We hope this answered all your curiosity about that College. This College seems to be fresh, full of energy and very much alive. Nobody forces you to need to have attention outside of your college. However, knowing about other colleges helps you expand your view of the world broader and further. From now on, why don't you have some concern for the College of Humanities?

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