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Trash, violence & torture, worst of the worst, pornography
Reason for existence, good and evil in humans, unique & fresh, masterpiece

Do you know about the meaning of these words? All these words refer to one movie. This movie was the big talk of netizens since it was released in domestic theatres. Can you guess this movie? Yes, it is the new film Thirst by director Park Chan-uk. There were radical materials and a fresh attempt to attract a lot of public attention before the film was released, and after opening, the movie gave rise to endless arguments. The new movie got a rather mixed reaction from the audience. And Thirst won the Jury Prize in the 62th Cannes Film Festival on May 24th.

This movie is about a priest who turns to a vampire and his friend’s wife. Their dangerous love makes an extreme situation and causes brutal accidents.

After I watched the movie, I thought, “Ah, what do I have to write a review? I don’t have anything to say about the movie.”
Thirst was not boring, but it was not funny, and it was neither a yes nor a no. I just didn’t have anything to write in a review. And I don’t know about how this movie sees the good and evil of humans, or the diverse aspects of guilt and desire from the characters. The story has poor structure though the director was pondering it for over 10 years. A rush of blood and a feast of blood appear just when I am about to forget them. And the ‘genital exposure’ of Song Kang-ho, the main character, made me lean my head to one side.

The merits of the movie are the imagination of the director and, most of all, the acting of the actors. Kim Ok-bin, who played ‘Tae-ju’, was cold and gloomy but gave off a sexy impression. She changed her own image from previous works. Also, the acting of Song Kang-ho, Kim Hae-sook and Shin Ha-kyun was so amazing!

There is no correct answer about this movie. I’d like to give Thirst a high score for the radical material, technique, the fresh attempt of scenes and space and the acting of the actors. However, the movie was too difficult to express the desires of humans, or at least it was too complicated to understand the director’s intentions.
I celebrate the win at Cannes, but I wonder if I found the unique color (image) of director Mr. Park, the cinematic quality and artistry in Thirst? Wel1… I don’t know.

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