To Our Future Heroes and Heroines
To Our Future Heroes and Heroines
  • Lee Seung-hee, polymer-nano
  • 승인 2009.06.30 17:48
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It is
my great honor and immense pleasure to convey the messages to our whole students at CBNU. Through this article I would like to deliver some messages that I used to tell to my students at my first lecture of the semester, not as a professor but as a senior to the students since I graduated from the same university.
To my experience, I feel most of the CBNU students have a lack of confidence in themselves, having a feeling of loser a little bit just because of the simple reason that they were not the best students in high school like I had the feeling when I was undergraduate student. I can just say loss and gain, glory and infamy- all these are only for the time being and lie in hand of providence. I do not have any doubt you can overcome this and you can be well renowned person to the society. If you do hard work with sincerity, consistency, and honesty and I am sure that the day will come when the success will kiss your feet.
In order to realize it, first of all, you have to think “What to do” or “What you like” and decide your life goal more specifically. I would say that if you cannot have answers right now; keep thinking till you get the right answers even if you need to skip your three meals of the day. Once you decided your goal, then “do action with consistency”. The consistency is most important factor for a successful life. You should focus on yourself to develop your personality, attitude and career apart from the time for dating, drinking, and sporting etc. Many students living in Jeonju go home early. I would like to advice them, try to be away from your home sickness, and spend your time to hang out in the university’s library or in professor’s laboratory. These are the places, where you will get the knowledge and direction to develop your career. Never go home before 10 pm even if you need to spend a time with your friends. Everyday when you go home, you should see stars in the sky and feel satisfied with yourself, saying that I had meaningful time today.
Since all the students at the CBNU are above the age of 20s, it is a time to become an independent from your parents. Think how you will survive after graduation without any help from parents. On the other hand if you cannot have something to do after graduation, then I believe your life will be very much pity to everybody. However, if we live our life with consistency and sincerity, this world would always be in need of you.
To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. “Image your future and have a dream”. Think of your career and future and do hard work to get it so that you can get a respected job with pleasant environment and salary. It will make you smile and let indulge yourself to get into hard work to achieve it. With this way, I believe your dream will come true.
I was very normal and not hardworking student like some of you at CBNU. More badly, I was very poor such that I was so envy of students who could buy the lunch from student restaurant when I was freshmen in the university, because I did not have even such small money. At that time, I questioned to myself, “Would I continue this normal and meaningless life or challenge to a better life?” Since then, I tried to work better and harder, and now I do not have any doubt “if anybody works hard to make his dream true, someday it would definitely be realized”. Right now I go around world every year and even many foreign scientists and engineers working in the field of display technology recognize me. Many countries and many national and international big industries used to invite me to give a talk on LCDs. Who would believe that it could happen? But I have no doubt at you all can be much better than me.
Now, I would like to give a suggestion, which life we should follow. It can be classified into two ways “simple” and “challenging”. I would strongly recommend you that you should choose challenging life to have a better life because destiny or opportunity knock a door once in a life. Then what is challenging life? It is very difficult to define it simply but I would say “try to become an expert or professional in each of your own field. One of the solutions to achieve it, you need to get the higher degrees such as master and doctoral from national or international universities. Many professors are waiting to help you in this regard. Of course, this is not the only answer; there can be many ways of achieving your goals.
The most important thing is that, you should have a self-confidence so that you can do well, not limiting your capability within some boundary and, have sincere life with the goal and great enthusiasm. Then it will make your dream true. Some years later, you will make us smile, hearing your successful life story. I wish you all to become heroes and heroines in your own fields, which will brings glory to CBNU and Korea and also you are the one who can help other poor and weak people, instead of just surviving for ourselves”.
Finally, as a senior to you, I wish you “Have a confidence in yourself, never give up the challenge, and believe in yourself that you are our heroes and heroines.

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scout 2009-07-06 17:09:17
its quite touching me..i was one of his student this year.
acually i heard that a lot in his class..but it feels different reading what he wrote eventhough i knew this article..
anyway.. i respect him.. i will live with consistency